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New iTerm2 tab displays ‘brew: command not found’ after updating PHP although brew is installed and included in PATH

The issue is that when you try to run the bash_completion.sh file brew is not on your $PATH. The fix is to move the line where you set $PATH to be above the test for bash_completion.sh file ie your ....
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Get Homebrew to re-create executable symlinks for an installed package (ghostscript)?

Homebrew doesn't overwrite existing files when linking (you should actually get a warning/error in that cases), but you can force it to link anyway: brew link --overwrite ghostscript
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How do I view *.info document files on macOS?

Yes, brew supplies the texinfo package, so named for the official GNU project. The same package name is common across many of the popular packaging systems for macOS and Linux alike. (Other Un*xes are ...
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My Mac doesn't allow installation of any software

Your question isn't answerable with the data you provided, but here is how to find out what's happening - and maybe we can help you remotely if you can't see the issue once you get at the logs for the ...
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Brew can not find git

I suggest uninstalling homebrew and then reinstalling it and your packages following this guide. Although this would seem to be more tedious than fixing the PATH to git, a clean uninstall/reinstall is ...
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samba-dot-org-smbd does not start on MacOS Monterey 12.5

The problem is that some of the permissions are not correct when installed through brew. After brew install samba create a minimal smb.conf sudo nano /opt/homebrew/etc/smb.conf After that, make sure ...
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