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Watch apple tv on someone else's device

I'm assuming you and the family member who has the iPad are both part of the same Apple Family. On your family member's device, open the TV app. Tap the library icon on the upper-left side to open ...
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How to restore previous version of iOS Video app

My answer addresses the OP issue with, not reverting to the previous The functionality the OP wishes to have is available in the and that is what my answer addresses. I know ...
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Home sharing on iPhone: "You don't have permission to access the requested resource "

Fix: Sign out of Home sharing: iOS Settings > Music > Sign out of Home Sharing Sign in to Home sharing again, with your Apple ID. Terminate the Music app. Double-click the Home button to bring up ...
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Share Itunes Library with all users on same machine

The trick to doing this is to have your iTunes library stored in a location that is accessible to both accounts (i.e. both users have read/write access), and to then configure iTunes in both accounts ...
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Music Home Sharing not visible in iOS 10

I hadn't actually opened the Music app since I upgraded to iOS 10, but I did so to see what I could find for this question. On the main screen, I immediately have a Home Sharing option, and tapping on ...
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Will Catalina stream movies (etc) to a 3rd Generation Apple TV box?

If I'm correct, programs like quicktime player, Apple TV and more, offer airplay in the app itself. I know your movies(if bought on itunes), moved to the Apple tv app on your macbook. If you start ...
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Can I use Home Sharing with an iPod Nano 7th gen?

The iPod nano 7th generation does not have Wi-Fi, so Home Sharing is not available.
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iPhone sharing question

Yes, you can. However, since Apple ID's aren't designed to be used with multiple users Family Sharing would be a more suitable option. To do this you'll first want to turn off the syncing features ...
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iTunes home sharing videos with iOS 10.2 TV app

I have multiple devices for the family with multiple accounts, all of which share the same Home Sharing account. It used to work, and does on my personal device, but not the rest of the family sharing ...
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iTunes home sharing videos with iOS 10.2 TV app

I found that once i downloaded a free tv episode my shared library showed up.
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iTunes home sharing videos with iOS 10.2 TV app

The TV app will show all iTunes libraries that are shared under the same Home Sharing account right on the "front page" When you start the app, you should be on the "Library" tab (check tab at bottom,...
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