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The 2 pins more in the in the 8 pin plug are 1x ground and Sense1. Sense1 is only to inform the card whether a 6 or 8 pin plug is plugged in. I think the big difference in your usage is that 8-pin plugs are able to pull 150 W, where 6-pin plugs only provide 75 W at max. As far as I see the Sapphire HD 7950 needs 80 W at idle. So I see 3 Possibilities: Buy a ...


displayplacer allows to read and write display settings and is open source. I'm not sure about GPU details though. The API used seems to be defined in IOKit/graphics/IOGraphicsLib.h.


I'm not certain of specific APIs, but looking at the source code of an open source application that works with display resolutions or GPUs may be beneficial. Two examples I can think of are RDM and gSwitch (RDM hasn't been updated for a while but there are up-to-date forks available).

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