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As of Sep 3, 2019, version: 6.0.190811, you can Choose to be asked before external images are displayed automatically. To enable this for new incoming messages, go to Settings > specific account > Images and select Ask before displaying external images. Gmail App - Account Settings - General


Try to enable less secure app access in (If you have several gmail account, check if this page is connected to the right account). In my case it was OFF, I could download the mail, but could not send them.


I had the same problem, and finally found this discussion. After trying some of the other older setting recommendations I had found elsewhere, I found this resolution, so opened gmail within Google Chrome browser, and the links work. 'Too bad if the app no longer works on my iPad! First I had to dump the ebay app, and now gmail too...?


I found a method that partially answers my question of where all the outbound traffic is going. In looking at Little Snitch again I realized that I could get aggregate data for traffic to some sites that the program communicates with. This data covers about half of all the outbound data the program has ever sent. I put this info into a spreadsheet and ...

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