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How to force a sync update between Gmail contacts and iPhone with iOS 9?

[update 2016-09-02] in iOS 9.3.5 you can simply pull down in the Contacts list to force a sync. If this doesn't appear to work, make sure the problem is with syncing and not with the data iOS "sees" ...
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Flagged emails keep returning and won't synchronize between Apple Mail and Gmail

Simply delete the e-mail entirely, then move it from the trash back to a folder (or the inbox). There should be no more flag.
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Turn off autosave drafts in mail on OS X El Capitan and Sierra

After no one replied so I did some research on this again ... though I could not find how to turn off the autosave draft feature on my apple mail application ... I did figure out a way to deal with ...
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How to get Gmail Categories in macOS Mail app?

Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t expose its “Categories” to IMAP. I'm using as my email client, and I had the same desire to have my mail categorized with Gmail’s bayesian-or-whatever classifiers,...
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Set Firefox as default browser to open links in Gmail

UPDATE: As @Nimar points out, the method I show below is no longer required- the user can now set a browser preference directly in IOS' settings. No need anymore for the below hack- see @Nimar's ...
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Links in Gmail won't open in Chrome

iOS 10 isn't the problem - the "old" gmail app still opened links in chrome well after updating to iOS 10. This didn't become an issue until updating to Gmail's version 5 that this became an issue.
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Cannot add gmail account on iOS

I had this problem too. When I checked on google if there was a security issue ( I noticed that my iphone location was overseas. I then realised that ...
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How can I use my Google Account with Apple apps (Mail, Calendar, etc) in OS X 10.10 and older?

Google still offers a workaround for applications that don't use OAuth2, but they don't publicize it. You need to create an "app password", and use that to sign in instead of your normal ...
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show notifications of new e-mails without displaying the content

Go to Settings → Notifications → app name (e.g. Gmail) → Show Previews and change the setting from ‘Always’ to ‘When Unlocked’.
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7 votes How to use multiple From: addresses for the same Gmail account?

In Mail 9 (el capitan) this is done by adding the new address as an "Alias" in the Preferences. Mail > Preference > Accounts tab > Account information tab. Above the "Email address" Field you will ...
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How to analyze/resolve Gmail timeouts in Apple Mail?

Close Apple Mail and flush your DNS cache - is actually a collection of servers and occasionally your DNS will send you a bad one. In El Capitan the command is sudo dscacheutil -...
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Configuring Apple Mail with Gmail Aliases

This worked for me: Mail->Preferences Select the G Suites email account In "Account Information" tab, click "Email address" and choose "Edit Email Addresses..." Click "+" and add the second alias ...
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How can I forward all my iCloud emails to a Gmail address?

In iCloud Mail, click the Action pop-up menu in the sidebar (as in the picture), then choose Preferences. In the General pane, select Forward my email to, then type the forwarding address in the text ...
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How can I move my notes from one folder (gmail) to another (iCloud)?

The following worked for me: Go to the folder that represents the notes stored on the external server Click Edit and choose the notes you need moved, or just swipe from the right on the individual ...
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How to sync iCloud contacts with Google?

Here's a way that works effectively, but can be time consuming, so just warning all you guys. First, you go to and sign in. Go to your Contacts, and select all of them by pressing Ctrl + A....
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Configuring Apple Mail with Gmail Aliases

None of the other solutions worked for me right now with Apple Mail 9.3 on OS X 10.11.4. Just to make sure, my situation is as follows: I have a primary email address as a Google ...
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When I click and delete a message, how does decide which to select next?

When you click with the mouse button on an item directly above or below the currently selected one, Mail behaves the same way as it would with the down and up arrows on the keyboard. When you hit the ...
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Flagged emails keep returning and won't synchronize between Apple Mail and Gmail

Here's one approach I found that appeared to work: For each flagged email that won't sync Mark it as "red" flagged in the Flagged folder (it should show in the Flagged folder even though it doesn't ...
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Links in Gmail won't open in Chrome

I'm not sure if the following procedure is exactly what you tried, or if you did something differently – but maybe this helps anyways: Run the Gmail app. Click the little menu icon in the upper left (...
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Safari 12 - Favicon in Gmail tab shows incorrect e-mail count

Unfortunately, there is no solution for this at the moment. This is a known bug in Safari 12, and has to do with the way website favicons shown in Safari tabs are cached. My experience so far with ...
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Apple Mail with Gmail Account (IMAP): Moving Mails from inbox to folders fails

The following solved the issue for me: Gmail Settings: Inbox → Categories: Select only Primary Inbox → Importance markers: No marker Inbox → Filtered mail: Override filters Forwarding and POP/IMAP → ...
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Gmail-like keyboard shortcuts in (keys without modifiers)

The link provided above has stopped updating. this guy has forked and updated for the newest (comes with El Capitan) ankushg/GMailinator. You need to build from source code, unfortunately, ...
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Blocked sign-in attempt to Google Account

This question was asked a while ago, I'm not sure if you've solved the problem. If you have, please enlighten me! I've been having the same issue (not quite every time, but almost every time I turn my ...
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How to send email from OS X command line

Sendemail works great with Gmail and all other SMTP servers I have ever tried: brew update brew install sendemail man sendemail Edit: Thanks for the edit/link/clarification, @patrick. I also wanted ...
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Apple Mail on iOS 11.4.1 completely broken

It looks like you have a typo in the server name. Try changing it to There's a guide to gmail's imap server settings here.
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Set Firefox as default browser to open links in Gmail

On iOS 14.2.1 I was able to configure Firefox as the default browser to open links. There are two steps needed to make this work. Configure Firefox as the default browser for your device. Open ...
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Does iCloud+ with custom domain support plus addressing in email addresses?

A simple test from my iCloud email account to myself with a tag ("") worked as expected - i.e. the test email was received AOK at "
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Apple Replaced my Gmail Image

I had this happen when I set up Messages with my Google account on a new Mac, without using Apple Mail or Contacts; suddenly Gmail was the stock image the Mac had defaulted to. The fix was to log ...
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Apple Mail App :: "Erase Junk Mail" is greyed out

Go to mail>preferences>junk mail>under when junk mail arrives make sure options #2 move it to the Junk mailbox is selected and this should fix your problem immediately. Let me know if you need any ...
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