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Is it dangerous to leave “.DS_Store” files left in Git commit history?

Have a look at what is stored in the .DS_Store file. Whether it is going to be dangerous or not depends on whether there is anything that could be stored in that file in your particular directory that ...
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10 votes

Is it dangerous to leave “.DS_Store” files left in Git commit history?

I would remove them git rm .DS_Store and update your ignore file. They don’t add to your project and could leak data from other file names you didn’t stage for checkin. You should know best on what ...
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`git commit` is stuck on macOS Ventura

It turns out my problem is not Mac related at all, gpg commit signing gets stuck. See the following questions for resource:
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Change default app for all .gitignore files

I believe the way you used duti will only work for files with the 'gitignore' file extension. However since the '.' is the first character, macOS does not see it as a filename extensions, but rather ...
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Hpw can I fix auto complete with git after a macOS update?

At the end, I reinstalled bash completions via Homebrew brew reinstall bash-completion brew cleanup bash-completion and ensured that it gets loaded from ~/.bash_profile by adding the following line ...
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zsh: bus error with git on SMB volume

I had the same problem with a git repository on SMB (using git version 2.42.0 from Homebrew). Unmounting the SMB share and mounting it again seems to have fixed it.
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How can I delete a keychain password for github and vscode?

I was facing the same problem, I was searching github in the keychain window and then trying to delete them. When doing this nothing happens, but if you just manually scroll and find the github ...
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git auto-complete for *branches* at the command line?

See appendix A1.7 of the Git handbook: Zsh also ships with a tab-completion library for Git. To use it, simply run autoload -Uz compinit && compinit in your .zshrc.
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