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Installing fonts from terminal instead of Font Book?

You can simply copy them into /Library/Fonts (for system wide use) or ~/Library/Fonts (for use by current user).
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Can't see this emoji 🇹🇼 on macOS

Probably connected to where you bought the machine. From Emojipedia: The flag for Taiwan, which may show as the letters TW on some platforms. This flag is hidden from the emoji keyboard on iOS ...
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Where can I find default Microsoft fonts Calibri, Cambria?

If you have local Microsoft Word installation, say in /Applications, you can find the bundled fonts in the locations below: /Applications/Microsoft /Applications/...
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List of (activated) fonts with shell command in os x

I know that this is quite an old post, but I just stumbled upon it from Google while searching for something similar (mostly just wanting to list active fonts via Terminal.) I ended up remembering ...
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Can't see this emoji 🇹🇼 on macOS

The emoji of the flag of R.O.China will not be shown if either of the following is true: The device (Mac or iOS device) is bought from mainland China, determined by hardware serial number The "Region"...
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How to make Powerline fonts work with iTerm2

Go to iTerms2 Preferences (cmd ⌘+,) then go to Profiles and check the box called "Use build-in Powerline glyphs"
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Computer modern font for OSX

For the users that are more comfortable with using Terminal. You can also install it through Brew using the fonts cask. brew tap homebrew/cask-fonts brew install font-computer-modern
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Where can I find default Microsoft fonts Calibri, Cambria?

If you use homebrew, try the homebrew-fonts-nonfree tap
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When attempting to open some MS Word Docs I'm asked to download - STHeiti and other fonts

The solution was hinted at in the comments. Open FontBook: Launch Font (located in the Applications folder). Find the fonts in question: Select "All fonts" in the sidebar and search for them ...
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How to set the default font size of a new Stickie?

Change the font size of a selected Sticky note (⌘ Command T), then go to Window → Use as Default
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To Install Latin Modern Math font in OS X

I've also noticed The Latin Modern fonts are not installed to OS X with the MacTeX2015 distibution. The LM fonts (also the math font) are installed in the tex distribution under: /usr/local/texlive/...
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Can't find or use San Francisco in apps like Sketch

Initially, you had to have a developer account. Now anyone can download the font at and install them on your system (using the font book app). Now Sketch is ...
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How can I get the PostScript name of a TTF font installed in OS X?

Your assumption is correct. iOS requires that you identify a font based on its Postscript name (or Fullname), which is not always the same as the font's actual Filename. You can get the PostScript ...
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Is there a way to update the emoji font?

The font file you need to use a more recent version of is /System/Library/Fonts/Apple Color Emoji.ttc and is about 135MB. The High Sierra version of the file and the process to install it to /Library/...
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Change Font Size of entered text on PDF in Preview 9.0

In the markup toolbar, all you have to do is add a text box and then any text will be customizable using the text formatting options
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Change equation font in Pages

Pages uses blahtex to generate PNGs from the rudimentary maths environments. The following fonts are available out of the box with blahtex: 2.12 Fonts \mathbf \mathbb \mathrm \mathit \mathcal \...
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How do you cope with tons of web fonts when copying and pasting from web pages?

Most people I know set the paste shortcut to invoke paste and match style. Here is the command to change: You can paste with style when you really want it, but for me 95% of the time I don’t want the ...
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What's the name of the boxed question mark glyph MacOS uses when the system font doesn't have a glyph for a character?

One unofficial name for this glyph is 'Tofu', says Wikipedia: When text is rendered by a computer, sometimes that text will contain a character that cannot be displayed, because no font that contains ...
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Where can I find default Microsoft fonts Calibri, Cambria?

Use the official Fonts distributed by Microsoft If you have installed any Microsoft product, there is a chance you already have all Microsoft Fonts in your Mac. For instance, the path to the fonts of ...
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Is there anyway to stop Microsoft Office 2016 on macOS prompting for update?

Remove the "/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/MAU2.0" folder, which to place the Microsoft Auto Update (MAU) program. Update: I found ms-office applicaiton would create the MAU2.0 and Microsoft ...
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OSX increase display font size without changing display resolution?

A not universal subset of user interface fonts can be changed while keeping the actual resolution the same. (Note that 'the Apple-sanctioned way' is detailed in bmike's answer.) This effect is ...
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Get list of all fonts containing a specific character

It's still not clear to me how this is done by macOS itself, but in the meantime here's what I ended up doing. The solutions I found all were of the following form: Get a list of all fonts available....
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Can I get the original Mac font Chicago on a Mountain Lion Mac?

An update for El Capitan: OS X 10.11 has a new Disk Utility that can't do what the current best answer suggests. We need to adjust what we do on Steps 3 and 5. Once you've used Unarchiver to unpack ...
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What's the font in Mac OS X's GUI?

Since the release of OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) in 2014 the Mac system typeface family is San Francisco. Type Detail's page on San Francisco San Francisco is also used in iOS, WatchOS, and tvOS.
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What's a font name table and why do so many free fonts have a "minor issue" with its structure?

In TTF fonts, the "name" table contains information on the font. There's a table here which, if you're interested, gives you the exact information on what the name table contains. I've had the same ...
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Apple Font Tools cannot install in Macbook Pro El Capitan

Here is how I did it. Get it downloaded from apple (here: ) and run these. pkgutil --expand OS\ X\ Font\ Tools.pkg tmp cd tmp cd fontTools.pkg mv Payload ...
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Apple Font Tools cannot install in Macbook Pro El Capitan

@xaphod's answer wasn't quite comprehensive, so I wrote down all the commands I used to get this working. Here is how I got it working for the next person who needs it (also in a gist if you're into ...
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What's the name of the boxed question mark glyph MacOS uses when the system font doesn't have a glyph for a character?

Fonts can include a character called .notdef, which will be displayed when any glyph not defined in the font is requested. It is entirely up to the font designer what shape this glyph is. Microsoft's ...
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How to fix blurry fonts on external monitor (M1 Mac Mini)

I only but recently learned about BetterDisplay. It actually solved all of my issues, though some limitations exists. Check it out!
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May use the San Francisco font for my web apps?

This question generally answers the question of legality. Including these font files in your app and using them with @font-face or @import is unquestionably not permitted. However, for a web app you ...
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