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Compress without .DS_Store and __MACOSX

You can use zip command in Terminal to zip the files without the .DS_Store, __MACOSX and other .* files. Open Terminal (search for terminal in spotlight) Navigate to the folder you want to zip using ...
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Grayed out folder won't open in finder

I had the same issue with an account folder, which I restored from a backup via rsync. The problem seemed to be the corrupt or missing creation date. After setting it manually the folder was acting ...
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Compress without .DS_Store and __MACOSX

Just some extra information ... My understanding is that __MACOSX is a subdirectory artificially created by the Mac GUI tools to hold meta data such as extended attributes that can't be normally saved ...
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Difference between root ('/') and "Computer"

"Computer" is a virtual construction which shows you all the mounted volumes, local network connections, and other things. It's not a 'real' place on a disk. / is the root level of your ...
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Strange case of truly invisible file (?) and undeletable directory on macOS

I filed a bug report with Apple and this seems to finally be fixed now in Mojave 10.14.4 (18E226). To fix, update your OS to the latest version. Then reboot into recovery (CMD-R) and run disk first ...
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Change location of screenshots mac

Terminal command to change screenshot save location: defaults write location "/path/to/new/location" Put your desired screenshot path between the double quotes as it is ...
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How to cd to a directory with a name starting with a "-" (minus)?

This should just work: cd /path/to/-folderthatstartswithdash EDIT: According to this question, this works if you only want to input the name: cd -- -folderthatstartswithdash
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How to cd to a directory with a name starting with a "-" (minus)?

cd ./-folder usually works quite well here (and also with other commands)
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Tags - best practice for using tags to replace hierarchical folder structure

Experts recommend that you should set up the minimal hierarchical folder structure that is logical for you, and use tags for all other categories. For example, Kerry Gleeson's classic book The ...
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Change 'New folder' default name

With the assistance of AppleScript you can accomplish this. Open AppleScript Editor, create a new document and paste the following stolen lines: tell application "Finder" try if exists ...
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A "Library"-folder appeared in my Documents folder on Mac, Is that normal?

This was reported by several of our users as well so I did some digging. The Library folder itself is owned by root and only root has rwx access. The only folder inside on three different machines I ...
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How can I create a folder in the current directory in list view?

I think the key bit here is: You have first to double-click the directory within which you want to create the new folder. Selecting File->New Folder (or Shift-Command-N) won't create a new folder in ...
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How to get Gmail Categories in macOS Mail app?

Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t expose its “Categories” to IMAP. I'm using as my email client, and I had the same desire to have my mail categorized with Gmail’s bayesian-or-whatever classifiers,...
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How to view any folder as if it was desktop

From this SO answer: Backup your old default Desktop folder If you have files in your existing Desktop folder, don’t worry. We’re going to back up your existing folder so you can copy your ...
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What does `/usr/local/Cellar/` directory contain?

/usr/local/Cellar is the directory into which Homebrew installs software packages (via brew install ...). The relevant files are afterwards linked to from /usr/local/bin etc.
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Entire "Users" folder is missing when booted into Recovery Mode

I ran into this same issue with Big Sur, and I was able to figure out why my Users directory was empty, so I thought I'd post. I had my "Macintosh HD" drive mounted as /Volumes/Macintosh HD, ...
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Compress without .DS_Store and __MACOSX

Try Keka. It comes with an option to exclude .DS_Store
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How to add an existing smart folder to the sidebar

In Finder, select your Smart Folder (typically saved in ~/Library/Saved Searches, it's a .savedSearch file). Then from the menu in Finder, select: File > Add to Sidebar    ^⌘T Or ...
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How do I get a folder tree view in the left column of the Finder?

Favorites in the left hand side is a flat list, but it's a good place to store some frequent destinations. And make sure to select the third option (circled) so you can have a tree structure in your ...
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Examine a .DS_Store file?

There is a great write up and some easier solutions posted at Including ...
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How to replace the System's Download folder with one in an external drive?

This is possible via symbolic link. Move your existing data in ~/Downloads to the location you want, let's say /ExternalDrive/Downloads Open Terminal and run: This will remove the Downloads folder ...
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Get AppleScript Path of Parent Folder

AppleScript is written in English. Read what it says! Remove the posix path of from the code, and you'll get the HFS path. Full code: tell application "Finder" to get (container of (path to me)) as ...
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How can I open a folder called in various applications?

As others have said, a simple right click in a regular Finder window will make it possible to "show package contents". For a file open dialog, use the "Go to location" functionality (⌘ Cmd+⇧ Shift+G)...
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Get AppleScript Path of Parent Folder

Try this: Unix style: set my_POSIX_path to POSIX path of ((path to me as text) & "::") If you need to pass it to e.g. shell script, you might want to enclose the path with quotes: set ...
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Does OS X El Capitan have a /boot folder

The OS X boot loader is stored in a file called boot.efi which you can find in /System/Library/CoreServices. It isn't stored in /boot. You can read more about the OS X boot process on Apple's website ...
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How do I stop folders automatically opening on my MacBook Pro 2014?

The feature you're referring to is called Spring Loaded Folders. Folders should only spring open if you hover (or pause) over a folder for a second or so (depending on your settings). In other words,...
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symbolic link vs. alias

Aliases store two pieces of information about the destination file - both the location and a file identifier. Symbolic links only store the other location. For that reason, if you move a file, Aliases ...
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Is there a shortcut to expand all folders in Finder's list view?

To expand one single level folder Command Right arrow To expand all levels of subfolders under the selected folder. Command Option Right arrow OR Option and click the triangle in folder view in ...
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How can I move my notes from one folder (gmail) to another (iCloud)?

The following worked for me: Go to the folder that represents the notes stored on the external server Click Edit and choose the notes you need moved, or just swipe from the right on the individual ...
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Change the icon of all the folders on mac

Most standard system wide icons for the macOS are stored here: /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources The folder icon in which you're interested is named GenericFolderIcon....
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