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You could try some kind of re-write script - the tcprewrite tool in linux (it may not exist in OSX) can rewrite packets stored in the a tcpdumpfile. You could then couple this with TCPrelay which, er, replays the re-written tcpdump pcap files. If that seems too much effort (tbh, I could see why) you could try some ...


This means that the macOS kernel is missing ALTQ support. Basically, ALTQ are optional various queues in the kernel used by pf(4) for better packets queueing. All of them are disabled inside the kernel and there's no option to enable it. In your case you might just ignore these lines. In other OS like OpenBSD or FreeBSD, you can compile kernel with ALTQ ...


I am probably missing something, because this does not seem to be a complex question. If you what to screen out these 2 error messages, then enter the command given below. pfctl >2 >(grep -v -e "No ALTQ support in kernel" -e "ALTQ related functions disabled" 1>&2) I omitted any parameters that would normally occur between pfctl and >2. A ...


Ok, I finally managed to solve the task. As Bob Harris suggested on Apple's forum, I used ssh tunneling to setup it. On Windows I use OpenSSH On Mac OS I use Core Tunnel Core Tunnel doesn't allow to bind to 443 port directly, so I used another port and redirected 443 to that port via PF as described in initial post.

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