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How to delete Finder Quick Actions?

If you have installed any additional Quick Actions, they will be in /Library/Services or ~/Library/Services. The first six of those Quick Actions are part of the OS, and installed on every Mac. They ...
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How can I stop Microsoft SharePoint keeps adding itself to my Login Items

OneDrive is the application that keeps adding another hidden app to your Login Items1. May I suggest reporting this to Apple. The more people who report it, the more likely Apple is to pressure ...
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Why does "Terminal" retain focus / stay in the foreground when I open other apps, and how do I prevent or change that?

Secure Keyboard Entry A consistent way to cause applications to launch in the background is to enable Secure Keyboard Entry in the Terminal application. > Terminal (menu) > Secure ...
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Unable to Clear 'Manage Recent Places' in Finder on macOS

This is the command updated for macOS Sonoma. It may work in some earlier versions, but I don't know which ones. defaults delete NSNavRecentPlaces
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Applescript problems with renaming a file and getting the alias to change it's name as well

A thing I noticed about red_menace's answer, is that the given answer didn't really clarify for me how to work with the file after it has changed. Here's a small working example for a single selected ...
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