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Is there a keyboard shortcut to navigate one level up in Finder?

The one you're probably looking for is the command ⬆︎ keyboard shortcut, as this is the one that takes you back to the parent folder. To do the same thing, but within a new window, use command ...
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Permanently enable to show hidden/system files when searching in Finder

To see hidden files defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -boolean true; killall Finder;
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How to reveal dot files in finder?

A handy keyboard shortcut to reveal files that begin with a . (dot) in Finder is: Shift + Command + . This toggles . (dot) files to show/ hide without needing to restart Finder. You can also define an ...
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How can I change OS X Double-Click on Title Bar to be like Windows?

Choose Apple Menu → System Preferences, then click Dock. Select check box Double-click a window’s title bar to zoom. Double click on window's title bar to maximise the window. Zoom expands a window ...
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How to create a text file in a folder

The simplest version does not require a file or folder to be selected, and adds a keyboard shortcut of your choice. Part 1: Create a new Quick Action (was Service) In Automator, create a new Quick ...
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Mac Finder: Getting the path of a directory or file as as string

Ctrl-click (or two finger click) on the file you want the path from, then press Opt and select "Copy as path name" (or what it's called in english) from the context menu. You can also just select the ...
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How do you move up one folder in Finder?

Using keyboard shortcut Command + ↑ moves one level up in the filesystem hierarchy in Finder. When using Finder: Command + ↓ opens the currently selected file or folder. Command + ↑ takes you to the ...
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How do I get the full path for a file in finder?

⌥ ⌘ c while file is highlighted to copy its path to the macOS clipboard. (option-command-c) Easier than all of these by a long shot, IMO.
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Is there any way to get the path of a folder in macOS?

In macOS holding the ALT key ⌥ often shows extra options in context menus. To copy a file or folder's path in Finder.app: Right-click the item Hold alt ⌥ key down Click Copy "item" as Pathname Done....
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Why is the Finder app always open?

The main reason it's always open is that it displays the icons on the desktop. You can check what the finder does by enabling the "Quit" menu feature. To do this, launch the Terminal application and ...
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How to show hidden files and folders in Finder?

In the Finder, press CommandShift. to show hidden files & folders.
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How to set Finder to *always* use list view

Open finder Select your hard disc CommandJ Check the top two check boxes (Always open in list view, browse in list view) Click use as defaults Open Applications->Utilities->Terminal sudo find / -name ...
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How to create a text file in a folder

If you have the Finder window open, use Spotlight to open TextEdit. When you're ready to save the file, option+drag the text file icon from the title bar of TextEdit into the Finder window where you ...
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How to change a PDF's title? (not file name)

To answer the question you asked, "How do I change the individual PDF title, either in Acrobat Reader or in Finder?", you can't. Neither Acrobat Reader or Finder, by default and natively, ...
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How do add "Recent Folders" item to the Finder sidebar?

Use a smart folder. Right click the Finder in the Dock Select New Smart Folder Press the plus button Select kind. Select Last Modified/Opened or whatever you want. Select 'This Mac' Save your ...
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How can I copy the path of a file in Finder?

Right click on the file, hold down Alt/Option, and an item to copy file path will appear as Copy "<FILENAME>" as Pathname. This is the easiest option for day to day usage, without involving ...
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Grayed out folder won't open in finder

I had the same issue with an account folder, which I restored from a backup via rsync. The problem seemed to be the corrupt or missing creation date. After setting it manually the folder was acting ...
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Easy way to copy paste file paths on Macs

I think this is an option that will do exactly what you want. Using your Serial Number.jpg example, do as follows: In the Finder browse to the image called “Serial Number.jpg” located on Server1 ...
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How do I get a lone missing app to appear in Spotlight searches?

While this does not directly answer as to why that particular app does not appear in Spotlight, nonetheless as a workaround, try the following: Explicitly exclude the App, via drag and drop from ...
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macOS Quick Look showing small thumbnail + metadata rather than the full size actual content of media files?

This seems to be an issue with Finder which can be resolved by restarting it. Open Terminal Type killall Finder and press Return Finder will automatically restart, QuickLook works again.
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Can't cd into alias

If you are trying to cd into an alias, it will not work; this is by design as an alias works at the Finder level, not the underlying UNIX level. I have excerpted some of the key aspects of aliases, ...
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.mov file in external HD, greyed out and won't open: "this item is used by Mac OS X"

This is a common issue which happens when the file's type and creator attributes are modified by Finder when its writing files, if these attributes aren't restored back to the original values by ...
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How to set default finder window size?

This works for me in MacOS Catalina, Monterey (in 2022) and Ventura (in 2023): Open a new Finder window, do not navigate to any folders yet; Resize the window to the size you want (however don't ...
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Reveal in Finder from the Terminal

How do I reveal a file that I have the path for in the Terminal in Finder? I don't think that open will work for this. From man open: -R Reveals the file(s) in the Finder instead of opening them. ...
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What is the "ls" directory in my home directory?

That ls/ directory is not standard on Mac, so its something you or another user on the Mac have created (either directly, or indirectly by being created by some third party program). It hasn't got ...
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How can I, using Finder, enter an "app". Not open, enter

Right click [or Ctrl/click] > Show Package Contents
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macOS not showing the actual free space

You probably have some local snapshots on your drive, you can try to list the local snapshots with tmutil listlocalsnapshots / and with tmutil thinlocalsnapshots / 9999999999 1 you can delete ...
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iCloud Drive is stuck uploading items and no longer syncs

I saw this comment in one of the threads here and it worked for me: "I found killall bird can reset the upload and then my stuck is resolved" – @zhangciwu
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How to reveal dot files in finder?

Open your Terminal (/Applications/Utilities) then enter, defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles YES Then restart Finder by holding down Option and Control, or right-clicking on the Finder's ...
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How do add "Recent Folders" item to the Finder sidebar?

Use spotlight to go to finder and then go to preferences. Go to sidebar option. And check on the Recents checkbox. Hope this helps you!
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