Disk Utility will only offer APFS if Partition Map is "GUID Partition Map". If the Partition Map is "Master Boot Record" APFS is not an option (and neither is encrypted HFS).


The Minshall+French format is what macOS uses to store Unix symlinks on FAT and CIFS volumes. More details on the Minshall+French format can be found here: https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/UNIX_Extensions The Linux CIFS implementation provides a 'mfsymlinks' mount option (which is off by default) that supports the Minshall+French format. I believe Docker ...


You can use Access Control Lists for this. Run chmod +a "USERID:deny:delete_child" DIRECTORY to prevent the user USERID from deleting anything from the directory. To undo, run chmod -a "USERID:deny:delete_child" DIRECTORY PS: If you want to have it applied to current and future subfolders beneath DIRECTORY as well, use "USERID:deny:delete_child,...

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