There's absolutely no reason to delete the file. Note that the file does not take up space on your drive. The file is not a usual file put there by some program, you've installed. It is part of the operating system, and comes with the macOS installation. It is not meant to be removed. The file is there to support the operating system feature known as "...


There are no standards as such. Things which might work are /Users/Shared — especially for generally used data /usr/local — for locally installed stuff /opt — also for locally installed stuff


If you are sure suppress Big Sur and replace it by Monterey, you can do that (I suppose you have a save TM or CCC of you Big Sur install) : From Monterey you clone the Monterey install on the Big Sur Container : sudo asr --source /dev/disk1s3s1 --target /dev/disk2 --erase You will be asked to enter your password which is not displayed when you type it and ...


Yes it is ... i'm using iDesktop https://apps.apple.com/de/app/idesktop/id450986437?mt=12 You can handle your different desktops like workshells ... very comfortably switchable with shortcuts ... the amount of dts is nearly unlimited and at least ... very important ... it is still working in Monterey environment. Good luck :)

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