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Does doing an iPhone restore remove Exchange ActiveSync's ability to remote wipe a device?

There seems to be some confusion that Intune or an MDM is required to remotely wipe a mobile device. Exchange ActiveSync can wipe a mobile device without an MDM. Hence, the message that Apple shows ...
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Inconsistency for Gmail and Exchange in just mimics whatever structure is defined on the respective mail server. In Gmail folders are just labels (or saved searches for labels) so they show up outside of Inbox (as do iCloud folders ...
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Can I create a private calendar appointment with an iPhone?

Apparently Apple quietly added the ability to mark calendar events as private in iOS 8. At the bottom of the event details there is the option to toggle an event as Private. Setting this toggle works ...
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Why does not sync to exchange calendar on Mac OS X?

One way I've fixed Calendar syncing problems with Exchange and/or seeing the triangle warning sign is the following two steps (as alluded to in previous answers): Close Apple Calendar and Apple Mail ...
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Add shared Exchange Online Mailbox to Mail app

I've succeeded in adding a shared mailbox on Office365 in Apple Mail 16.0. Steps to follow: Go to System Preferences > Internet Accounts Add a new account by selecting Microsoft Exchange After ...
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Outlook 2016: Add exchange account using script / automatic ( OSX > 10.12 )

After using applescript and procedure mentioned here, I added Outlook account successfully using script.
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Where are my "exchange" reminders in mac OS?

When the account is removed on iOS or macOS - the data is not deleted and only the local cache of it goes away. This is true for any sort of exchange or iCloud or google data lives in the cloud. Thus, ...
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Outlook 2016 can't connect to Exchange 2010 server after updgrading to macOS 10.12.5

I am having the same issue - called Microsoft and they said it is a known issue with the latest 1701 builds of Outlook at this time. They are working on a patch but in the interim the only suggestion ...
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iOS: Sync address book with Exchange and contact picture

Do you have Active Sync on for your Exchange account? Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and select your Exchange account. Make sure Contacts is turned on for ActiveSync: Adapted from this ...
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Add Novel Groupwise Account via Exchange ActiveSync to Mail

OS X only supports Microsoft Exchange, not Exchange ActiveSync. ActiveSync is only supported on iOS/Android This is why Mail will not connect but your iPhone and iPad will.
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iPhone 6 - Exchange calendar not showing up in list of calendars

I had the exact same problem on my iPhone 6s. I tried to delete the Exchange account and add it back again, yet the Exchange calendar would not show up in the calendars list. What finally helped in ...
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Why do some calendar events shift in time when daylight saving time goes into effect?

There are a lot of possible answers, but to isolate the cause, find two events, one that moved and one that didn't. Export them, and look at the calendar data. In all likelihood, the time zone ...
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