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In Terminal, run "xattr -rc /Volumes/", that should fix it (naturally, replace "/Volumes/" with your actual application path. No need to disable GateKeeper.


The root of the cause Time Machine backups are protected at kernel level -- on a verbose boot it's possible to spot in the first screenful of text a TMSafetyNet.kext extension being loaded. This ensures the integrity of your backups. Access control provisions are applied via a kernel extension located at /System/Library/Extensions/TMSafetyNet.kext ...


I started killing processes with "Notification" in their name, and when I hit the one called "NotificationCenter" the smoke finally cleared: killall NotificationCenter


I think I just figured it out. From the BIG-IP f5 application log, you can only find this from the icon in the menu bar. I saw this line: 2018-06-15, 23:30:54:000, 1274, 1274, edge, 1, (0xfffffffe) EXCEPTION - TunnelService, TunnelServer already launched, pid, 1514 I went into my terminal and found this. ps alx | grep 1514 0 1514 1 0 ...


I managed to unzip it with tar. tar xzvf Requires no installation of additional software


Was able to get this to work. The purpose for creating a certificate was to codesign gdb on Mac. Here are the steps for the same:- Create a certificate with all the parameters mentioned above. Instead of saving the Keychain under location System, save it under Login. Then, unlock the System Keychain by clicking on the lock icon on the top left corner and ...


You can search Force Quit & submit it. Then choose Finder and Relauch it. Finally move to trash item 's icon which you want remove


Individual crash reports are stored in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter but there is a system wide log collection tool called sysdiagnose. Once you start experiencing the issue, hold down the 4 modifier keys and then press the period "." key. shift+control+option+command+. After about 15 seconds, a Finder window will open with a sysdiagnose file highlighted. ...


I have received the same "[Application] is damaged and can’t be opened." error when trying to run unsigned applications in Mountain Lion. Notably Davmail. Try the "Allow applications downloaded from: Anywhere" setting in the "Security & Privacy" System Preferences pane : For whatever reason you may be running an old, unsigned version of the app.


If you never want to see the crash report dialogs, there is a preference to disable them: defaults write DialogType none Log out and back in to apply the changes.


Apple sysdiagnose This shell script(on 10.8 and lower) and executable program by the same name on 10.9: gathers system-wide diagnostic information is integral to OS X Lion and greater is not available as a separate download is not open source (I have asked Apple to make it so). Preparing for the keyboard-only approach to sysdiagnose In Terminal, run the ...


This seems to be a problem with permissions in the bundle itself. Usually the execution flag doesn't get carried over from the DMG image. Try, for the sake of curiosity to set the execution flag like this: chmod +x /Applications/<name of the app> Note: replace <name of the app> with the name of the app (it will ...


This error typically comes up when OSX is trying to access a file or folder on a remote server, but it cannot connect to that server. I have two examples to give an idea of where this can come from: You are able to have MacOS (or OSX as it was known at the time) connect to a remote folder automatically at login. Typically these are shown in the "Login ...


Your best bet would be to do a clean install, presuming you have copies / licenses for any software you use on there. Backup any files you want to keep, and follow one of the many guides out there. For instance: This could well take less time than figuring out what the IT guys did, and make your ...


A simple shut down, then start, of OS X should automatically remove debris from /Volumes If you like: disconnect/eject any removable media before the start. Or simply leave the media in place, and restart. There may be other approaches to dealing with volume debris whilst the OS is running but in my experience, it's often better to restart. Also ...


You can also make the message appear as a notification instead: defaults write UseUNC 1


I had exactly the same problem. I started Apache without DocumentRoot(s). It did the trick. sudo apachectl -T


So none of the given answers works on High Sierra (OS X 10.16.x) and I don't have Clean My Mac 3. This Apple article did the trick for me and pretty easily: This involves setting the permissions through the finder and then resetting the permissions by using the command diskutil resetUserPermissions / `id -u` Make ...


If you type defaults read location into a Terminal window it should tell you where OSX is currently trying to save screenshots. You can change the location with a similar command. For example: defaults write location ~/Desktop will save screenshots to your Desktop. defaults write ...


This error is logged on iOS 11 and on macOS 10.13 for sure and I'm not seeing it cause any specific function or problem on any platform. I'll link to the main question here about "does macOS log too much" since that's an opinion and impression that is worthy of discussion. Some people might feel better if there were no messages unless a really serious ...


I can verify the legitimacy of this problem. I had the same issue yesterday, and after a restart, the computer was rendered almost useless due to this error. For some reason, the computer can't deal with this month and throws errors wherever there are databases or plists. To fix this: Open Activity Monitor and force quit two processes: lsd, UserEventAgent ...


Turns out that this is Apple internal messaging, intended for employees. It appears that, if the machine has a directory named AppleInternal in the root directory, certain Apple-employee-specific features of the OS — including the above one — are silently enabled, without explanation. I've no idea how this happened to my machine, but I rm -rf'd /...


It seems it's some kind of temporary glitch, as it usually helps to restart the machine. Other suggestions: Reboot into Safe Mode, then Verify and repair drive Reboot and hold the CMD+R keys Select Disk Utility Click on the image under my drive Verify and repair drive You may try to remove the cache files/folders located in /var/folders directory (not ...


Signing in in my iPhone and enable iCloud Keychain did the trick to me. So I restored the keychain in my iPhone and then the keychain switch in my Mac changed to off state as magic


OK, this solution is the strangest thing. I found the solution on a Russian site, but now that the search terms for the solution are known you can find at some other sites. The problem is a result of Safari holding too much local data for the site in question and failing to deal with that correctly. I use a lot so I had lots of LocalStorage and ...


This is probably because eclipse shutdown abnormally. Open the Terminal and go to the location where eclipse is installed. Then run eclipse from the terminal like... $./eclipse -clean It should start, once it does go to the Eclipse menu and Quit eclipse. If you have any shortcuts on the desktop you'll have to remove them and make new shortcuts with the ...


I've seen similar just today, no logs and apache acted like it was started. The issue for me was a bad vhost file. sudo apachectl -S this allowed me to see the error


The ZIP file can also be uncompressed using ditto, no software installation needed: ditto -x -k . Worked for me.


I found the offenders in my case (plural, for several apps were using this plugin), using a ps -axe | grep FinderSyncExt . Before removing the apps using it from my /Applications folder, I decided to kill each of the processes using a killall -9 FinderSyncExt.


Open Terminal and try entering following: df which will give a listing of your mounted volumes similar to: Filesystem 512-blocks Used Available Capacity Mounted on /dev/disk0s2 1951845952 1655141456 296192496 85% / devfs 477 477 0 100% /dev map -hosts 0 0 0 100% /net ...

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