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Mac Mail application removes attachment when forwarding mails

TLDR; Attachments will be part of the email per default iff it has at least one recipient. 📆 As of 01.02.2023 on Mail Version 16.0 (3731.300.101.1.3): The default behaviour seems to be that ...
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Mechanism to sync mail accounts between Mac and iPhone

It's not possible. However, the Apple Configurator app helps creating a .mobileconfig file that makes account creation much easier (basically you enter all the settings on your Mac then import them ...
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How do I limit the number of emails downloaded in Apple Mail for iOS 16?

I think the 'Mail Days to Sync' setting is only available for Exchange accounts such as M365. IMAP accounts such as iCloud and Gmail don't have this option.
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iPhone: Is it possible to rename the extension of a file?

Since iOS/iPadOS 16, users can now easily change file name extensions from the Files app. Just select Rename in the context menu.
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Where are rules stored? They got deleted and I want to restore them

Having similar issues with my two Mac platforms, an M1 2021 iMac with macOS 13.1 Ventura, and a 2014 MacBook Pro with macOS 11.7.2, Big Sur.

 Under 11.7.2 The path to the Rules plist is: ~/Library/...
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If I remove my custom domain in order to fix a problem, will all emails received and sent into it *disappear*?

I can only guess at this, but are you really sure you want to actually delete this domain? A mail domain needs a set of 'internet accessible' records, CNAME & MX records in order for your account ...
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Does iCloud+ with custom domain support plus addressing in email addresses?

A simple test from my iCloud email account to myself with a tag ("") worked as expected - i.e. the test email was received AOK at "
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Does iCloud+ with custom domain support plus addressing in email addresses?

iCloud does not support the “plus addressing” like you are accustomed to in Google. Apple will only allow 3 aliases per user and they are standard iCloud email addresses. For instance the email ...
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Glass sound missing in Apple Mail on macOS Monterey

Copy /System/Library/Sounds/Glass.aiff from an older system (before Big Sur) and place it into... ~/Library/Sounds/ Since the new glass sound still exists, but has been renamed to "Crystal" ...
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