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Spam iCloud Calendar Invitations

Regarding how to prevent this in the future (question #3): Log in to iCloud Calendar on a computer web browser Authenticate if needed, then select the Calendar view Select the Settings Gear icon ⚙ in ...
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Spam iCloud Calendar Invitations

I've had the exact same email. I've managed to get rid of it by doing the following: Create a new iCloud calendar - I called mine junk Move the spam invite to the new Junk calendar Delete the newly ...
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Where is the postfix log on Sierra?

This works for me: log stream --predicate '(process == "smtpd") || (process == "smtp")' --info Explanation: --predicate is used to filter the log. In this case it looks for the ...
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Received an email saying someone has hacked my email account

Fake. Delete It and Move On I got a similar email last week and it is fake. All the details you mentioned are identical to the email I received. In my case, I use 2-factor authentication for my Gmail ...
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30 votes in Sierra accumulating Gmail drafts

I had just fixed this problem in El Cap when I updated to Sierra, and it came back in full force. The solution is simple though. In this version of the Mail app there's no more checkbox for saving ...
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Outlook for Mac - archive single email with a keyboard shortcut

This isn't exactly the question you asked, but Ctrl-e is the keyboard shortcut for archiving a message (at least as of Outlook for Mac version 15.36).
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How do I remove Outlook mail from Spotlight?

You need to tell Spotlight not to search the Outlook Database on your local machine. Assuming you're using MS Office 2016 or later Here's how, Open System Preferences > Spotlight Click the Privacy ...
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Prevent Outlook meeting requests from auto-deleting

Another option is create a rule for messages of Kind "Meeting Request" to be copied to an "Invitations" folder in your inbox. Steps that work on my version of Outlook. Create an Invitations folder. ...
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Mail search not finding messages but Spotlight does

Rebuilding's mailboxes fixed this for me. This ComputerWorld article is a great reference for rebuilding and reindexing your mailboxes: Rebuild: Select a mailbox (or several by shift-...
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Flagged emails keep returning and won't synchronize between Apple Mail and Gmail

Simply delete the e-mail entirely, then move it from the trash back to a folder (or the inbox). There should be no more flag.
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Turn off autosave drafts in mail on OS X El Capitan and Sierra

After no one replied so I did some research on this again ... though I could not find how to turn off the autosave draft feature on my apple mail application ... I did figure out a way to deal with ...
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Received an email saying someone has hacked my email account

Yes, it is a scam. There are two clever things that it does to make itself appear real (at least, more real than most scams), but those can be relatively easily debunked. Firstly, it uses your own e-...
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How do programs access ~/Library/Mail under OSX 10.14 (Mojave)

Full Disk Access Add your application or tool to the Full Disk Access list within System Preferences > Security & Privacy. This is related to the new macOS Privacy Protections in 10.14, aka ...
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How to always show full email address of sender and recipients in Apple mail

There is hack that seems to work in Monterey and Catalina: switch on 'Use Smart Addresses' by ticking appropriate box open one e-mail and close it switch off 'Use Smart Addresses' by unticking Now ...
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Mechanism to sync mail accounts between Mac and iPhone

No. (if what you want is a way to configure an account once on a device and have the configuration automagically transferred to other devices.)
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Where is my mbox located at?

Open Terminal and type mail For example, I created a test message for the purposes of this answer. Now, when I type the mail command: mail version 8.1 6/6/93. Type ? for help. "/var/mail/allan": 1 ...
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Unable to verify account name or password despite using correct details

I was having this issue also, tried restarting the computer, editing the SMTP, nothing worked. I went into internet accounts and clicked the remove button (-) in the bottom left. After removing and re-...
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How can I disable inline attachment previews (i.e. view as icon by default) in Mac Mail in macOS Mojave?

Applications (including Terminal) do not get "full disk access" (e.g. your user files) any more in Mojave. Try to grant Terminal access in...System Preferences > Security & Privacy > ...
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Outlook 2016 - show sent messages in conversation list on the left

I found the answer! It involves using the applescript editor to get it to work. Run Outlook Highlight the ...
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Outlook 2016 Mac change order of accounts

I wanted to know the same thing. I searched and couldn't find an answer. I finally figured it out myself. You can change the "default" account and it will go to the top. Go to Tools, Account and ...
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Mail not displaying message body content

Rebuild the Mailbox Try rebuilding the affected mailbox: Select the Inbox or affected mailbox. Select > Mailbox (menu) > Rebuild Rebuilding the mailbox will cause to read all the ...
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Is it possible to "deep link" to a specific email in on Mac OS X?

In OS X, you can use a URL of the format message:<MESSAGE-ID> to open the specific message in So how do we find the message ID? If the message includes a date or other "data ...
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How do I remove Outlook mail from Spotlight?

Open Spotlight under System settings and go to the Exceptions tab. Add the folder /Users/yourusername/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/Main Profile/Data/ ...
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How to export all emails from a mailbox in Apple Mail

Solving the annoying Some messages could not be imported - Error in I figured out a pretty easy way to copy all E-Mails from my old MacBook to my new machine with (MacOS Mojave 10....
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How can I display messages in Apple Mail thread by newest first

This can be set in Mail preferences under "Viewing", turn on "Show most recent message at the top".
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How do I stop email reminder from iCal?

I created a filter in gmail to delete these alert emails. It's not a perfect solution, but I do want to be able to receive alerts in iCal, and I want to receive email alerts from Google Calendar as ...
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How to analyze/resolve Gmail timeouts in Apple Mail?

Close Apple Mail and flush your DNS cache - is actually a collection of servers and occasionally your DNS will send you a bad one. In El Capitan the command is sudo dscacheutil -...
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Mechanism to sync mail accounts between Mac and iPhone

This was possible in Mountain Lion and before, through iTunes. Unfortunately Apple has deprecated its Syncserver service, and so now you have to set up each account separately on each device. ...
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Create new mail account (2016)

Since mobileMe (which handed out the addresses) was turned off some time ago, all you can now create are emails. If you had an AppleID which predates mobileMe (e.g. a dot Mac ...
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