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I just wanted to to confirm that @Monomeeth is absolutely right. I tried what he said and it worked! Than you!! Steps: Boot into USB with the macOS on it. Disconnect from Wi-Fi if connected. Just turn it off for now.. Click Utilities tab, then Open Terminal. Type date 0101121216 (which sets date to Jan 1st 2016 12:12 PM) Type cd /Volumes/Image and do not ...


Another alternative for Cisco anyconnect on MacOS Mojave is Shimo VPN. A bit pricey, but it works well with cisco VPN.


This is most likely related to two factor authentication. I was getting this error message when trying to download MacOS High-Sierra from an El-Capitan installation. What fixed the problem for me was to first download something else from the app store. I as then asked to authenticate with tfa and subsequently was allowed to download macos.


There's an app (in the Mac App Store) that lets you name Spaces via the menubar. It also lets you give each Space a unique icon, and tells you how you spend time across your Spaces (and the apps within them). Because macOS APIs are limited, the names stay in the app and don't show up in Mission Control. But they are persistent. The app also lets you jump ...

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