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Keyboard shortcut for both pinning and unpinning If you keyboard shortcuts for pinning tabs and unpinning tabs are different, it will not work. Specifically, once you pin a tab, you will not be able to unpin it using the unpin tab shortcut until you click the "Window" menu. This is because the menu item in the "Window" menu is only changed from "Pin tab" ...


There is also a very good possibility you can install Windows 10. I have installed Windows 10 on both a 2007 and a 2011 iMac computers even though Apple does not officially support Windows 10 on either computer. The easiest method of installing would be to use the optical (DVD) drive. If you have the latest ISO release of Windows 10, then you will need a ...


Unfortunately it looks like that Mac will only support Windows 7 Even your model does not look like it supports Windows 8 And Windows 7 is End of Life in mid January. It will still work but no more security (or other) updates after that. So it's do-able but not recommended.


If you want to reinstall you can use dmg2iso to convert dmg on Linux - see this Ask Ubuntu question. Your partition table looks almost OK. The only thing is that it doesn't have 128MB free space between partitions. See Booting from GPT by the author of rEFInd. The biggest caveat seems to be following Apple's recommendations for partition sizing and ...


You probably used an old macOS installer app to create your USB bootable disk. A lot of macOS installer apps downloaded before Oct 2019/Nov 2019 contain an outdated certification chain and thus are invalid. Simply download a new OS X El Capitan install.dmg (with a valid cert chain this time), open the dmg and open the InstallOS.pkg. The installer package ...


the -debug flag on update_dyld_shared_cache doesn't do anything except provide more detail on the work that is being done -- that is makes the reporting more verbose. I'd use: sudo update_dyld_shared_cache -root / -force All systems provide 'errors' though these aren't issues, rather information on what can't be done or skipped because the way the module ...


As Michał Szajbe points out, this will install with a g prefix. The more up to date solution (to make gmake the default make) is to modify your PATH: Edit your .bashrc or .zshrc etc ... export PATH="/usr/local/opt/make/libexec/gnubin:$PATH" Running make --version should now reflect the brew installed version.


I posted an answer here for my Intuos first generation and High Sierra. But this probably does not work with Mojave or even Catalina. Today I found this app 'Connect my tablet' that should work to connect older Wacom tablets to High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina. I did not test it yet, have to upgrade first, but I post this here in the hope it helps fellow ...


Use a OSX 10.11.x or later installer CD/DVD or USB. . I had the same issue until I tried High Sierra installer USB J.R.

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