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MBA 2022 crashes with "DCP PANIC - No device added after powering on the rails"

I have received the MacBook back from Apple the second time. This time, they also replaced the display and the lid angle sensor. This seems to have fixed the issue. I can no longer trigger it by ...
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Can any of the MacBook Pro computers with Apple Silicon drive an external monitor at higher than 60 hertz refresh rates?

Yes, the refresh rate can be greater than 60 Hz for an external monitor. For example, shows the following for the 2023 Apple MacBook Pro "M2 Pro" 12 CPU/19 GPU 14". This ...
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How to adjust gamma correction on old monitors

At least since macOS14, accessing the Calibrator Assistant takes some more steps: While in Displays in System Settings, go to the "Color profile" section and at the bottom, click "...
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Touch input from external monitor is recognized on the wrong screen

If you're still trying to troubleshoot this 5 years later, I have an answer. The touch function seems to work on whatever display you set as your main display. When I go into settings > displays ...
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Fullscreen on multiple displays and swiping moves all screens

Just to add onto this, but for MacOS Sonoma 14.5, the setting is now under System Preferences > Desktop & Dock > Mission Control > Displays have separate spaces.
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