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Simple method to mount a named drive from the command line?

This code will work for non-encrypted drives: mountall() { disks=$(diskutil list | grep "external, physical" | sed 's/ .*//') while IFS= read -r disk; do echo "Trying to ...
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Inaccessible APFS Partition - no gpt scheme

I tried to verify and check below with more commands [shogunhz@CyXs-MacBook-Pro ~ % diskutil verifyVolume disk4s1 Started file system verification on disk4s1 (Libraries) Verifying file system Volume ...
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Inaccessible APFS Partition - no gpt scheme

I suspect this is not because of any issue with the specified disk but because verifyDisk will not work on synthesized disks. This doesn't seem clear from the man page, but empirically it seems to be ...
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I have 1 TB disk but I'm only seeing 747 GB. How to recover the 253 GB missing?

As you already discovered, the missing space is between disk0s1 and disk0s2. There is no simple method of adding this free space to your fresh install of Mojave. The easiest method would be to do ...
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How to mount a .dmg file with a different volume name (or modify it once mounted)?

It sounds like your disk image is in a non-writable format. If this is the case, try converting your disk image to a writable one, using Images > Convert in Disk Utility's menu bar, and selecting &...
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