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The difference is almost always TimeMachine snap shots. For more info see


You clear diskspace on Catalina same as you would on other Mac Systems. You need to move or remove some of the software on your disk drive. If you don't have another backup disk connected then maybe you can remove apps you bought from App Store and load them back after you get your system loaded. You can run df -h from the command line and see what percent ...


I cracked the code! Preface This seems to have worked fine for me, but there are no guarantees. DO NOT PROCEED WITHOUT A BACKUP OF YOUR DATA. Then again, you know that, you voluntarily installed a beta operating system. 😜 The root of this issue seems to be a failure in deleting APFS snapshots made by Time Machine. Under healthy operation, old snapshots ...


Did you tell the installer to go ahead and copy any of your user data to the newly installed system? If yes, it's probably worth checking for expanded sparse files or sparse bundles/disk images. - Depending on the wisdom of the copying program, sparse files or bundles might have gotten expanded to their full glory, and take up "real" disk space now. Good ...

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