WARNING: Almost all code level questions about development are off topic here. See the FAQs for details. The developer program is a service offered by Apple to people that wish to make software or apps to run on Apple OS and hardware.

Please read the FAQ here and at Stack Overflow before asking programming questions. Questions that relate to general consumer interest (like AppleScript or Automator) are most welcome here. Specific programming questions are better fit at Stack Overflow.

Apple currently has three developer programs:

  • iOS - iPad, iPhone, iPod touch as well as the iTunes App Store
  • Mac - macOS programs as well as the App Store
  • Safari - for Mac and Windows OS as well as extensions to Safari

The iOS program includes hardware interface through the 30 pin dock connector as well as Enterprise, Educational and Businesses that develop iOS applications.

Although some developer programs are free, most require a yearly fee and include early access to licensed software as well as beta and other software. Do be aware that many people that develop have signed Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) - so asking a question of NDA software is implying that they will break their word to another party.

Again - questions relating to the developer program in any level of detail are generally off topic here and will either be closed or migrated to another site where programming questions are welcome. Please refrain from any questions about beta or pre-release software or complaints about policy or "Why Apple" has done or not done something in relation to the developer programs.