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It sounds like you have it set to All Spaces [Desktops]. With the app running & in the correct Space, right click it in the dock & select Options > This Desktop. For a fuller answer on setting up & using Spaces, see my other related answers at or


It is correct that macOS runs upon the kernel named Darwin that Apple develops. Its source code is available online. However, it is not exactly a "distribution" of BSD: If you compare it to Linux with the many distributions available, such as for example Ubuntu and Fedora Linux it's a completely different ball game here. They have a specific kernel ...


Deleting the .DS_Store file on the desktop could help. Keep in mind that all icon positions are getting lost: Open the in /Applications/Utilities enter "rm ~/Desktop/.DS_Store" without quotes and hit enter Relaunch the Finder Press and hold the opt key Right-Click or Control-Click on Finder in the Dock (while still holding down the ...

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