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From terminal, you can get an image from the clipboard with osascript. Define the following functions. The first function gets the clipboard contents as a string of hex digits. The second function decodes the hex digits into binary. # get clipboard as <class> getclip() { local class=$1; shift; : ${class:?} osascript -e "get the clipboard as «...


You are likely correct. If you get a UI that says that the system is "Pasting from [my MacBook's Name]", then this likely means that the application in the foreground of your iPhone is reading from the universal clipboard. It is unlikely that it is being read by another program in the background. So it is likely that Weather Underground is attempting to ...


Here's a workaround that worked for me (on iOS 12): Go to Safari Paste the formatted in the address field Select the text and copy again Now the formatting should be stripped away.


Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac beta version 10.3.4 (1688) solves the issue.

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