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I've found a workaround for color glitches on fullscreen videos on Mac Download and install Helium Browser which is an always on top web browser (useful anyway for youtube videos). Put the helium browser window in a corner so that you can barely see it at all. So when you put a video on fullscreen the ...


The discrepancy exists because something/someone messed up handling of color spaces and/or color profiles. A very short and crude explanation: Colors on computers are expressed as numbers - for example here as RGB with each color ranging from 0 to 255 (i.e. 24 bit color). Computer displays are not all alike - they can display different ranges of colors. ...


The Mac system color palettes are typically stored as "clut" resources in the ROM. There are palettes for 8-, 4-, 2- and 1-bit depths. Belkadan Software has helpfully provided the 8-bit palette here:


I had the exact same problem. Disabling True Tone should fix this. I believe this is a graphic bug at the moment.

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