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You do that by inserting the SIM-card from the MVNO, and then access Settings on the iPhone. In Settings, choose Cellular and then Wi-Fi Calling and turn it on.


I can’t reproduce this, but here is how I would troubleshoot it and why: Put the device in AirPlane mode and then power off. Start up and then go to settings (still in AirPlane mode) and look at the cellular data information / carrier information / phone information. Perhaps record/screen shot the MEID/IMEI and SIM information. Open and re-seat your SIM ...


Try it & see. Probably nothing will happen unless they have a partnership agreement with your own network - which usually applies more to roaming, abroad & would automatically switch if you just left your Network set to Automatic. If you have no contract with the other network, they will not feel obliged to connect you.

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