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Detailed log dump of bluetooth activity?

A detailed log dump of Bluetooth activity is not readily available in macOS. However, you may be able to gather some useful information by looking at the system logs. To do this, you can use the ...
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MacBook without battery thinks it has no trackpad (when it has)

I can safely attest to the fact that this is linked to the presence (or absence, as we see above) of a battery. After having my battery replaced, that problem is now gone
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Voice dictation intermittently stops working for Catalina

Having this same problem, with Ventura, and the previous OS too. It works fine for a bit, than all of a sudden Fn Fn turns on the dictation box but no text is registered/entered and I have to ...
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Apps don't gain focus when switching between them in Mission Control with a touchpad

I finally find the reason for me which is the app BTT caused the issue. I uninstalled it and reinstalled, then I haven't meet that yet.
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Removing (or disabling) Music app in macOS

If you want to soft-disable it, you can also Sign out (account > sign out) which will prevent the app from playing music or using any functionality that exists in the music app. Without an apple ...
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