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What’s in macOS Monterey?

What the it does is help manage the IOMobileFrameBuffer (sending pixels to the screen) and since that’s internal to the OS and a shared system on multiple operating systems - parts of the code aren’t ...
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Dual boot MacBook Pro 14.1 w/ Mojave/Ubuntu 22.04 won't set permanently macOS as default boot option after each Ubuntu session

The Ubuntu installer places .efi files in the following folders on the hidden EFI partition. The MokManager is repeated with with the same filename and Secure Boot is repeated with different filenames....
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Question about macOS Bootcamp

You can install OS X El Capitan, then upgrade to macOS Catalina. See this answer for instructions for creating an OS X El Capitan installer USB flash drive from Windows. After booting from an OS X El ...
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iMac, late 2006 - 64bit Linux OS

You should be able to install a 64 bit Linux without having to modify the ISO image. To do this, your Linux will need to be installed to BIOS boot. You should be aware of the following. Many early ...
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Boot Camp can't detect my macOS volume

Have you tried opening Boot Camp Control Panel in Control Panel of Windows 8.1 (or via Boot Camp icon in System Tray right next to system time on Task Bar's botom right corner) and checking Startup ...
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Mac won't boot from USB drive: Prohibited sign

Check if the version of macOS you are trying to install is supported by the computer. This Mac OS Compatibility Guide provides a nice overview as a table, there is also this post on
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rEFInd bootloader doesn't launch on start

Note: The answer below assumes the EFI partition is installed on disk0s1 with the name EFI. This is the default for Intel Macs. Also, the version of rEFInd downloaded is assumed to be On ...
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iMac restarts instead of shutting down

I have been troubleshooting this very issue for weeks here is the information I have found so far. When you need to shutdown you computer completely select apple restart and then press and hold the ...
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Rename EFI boot entries (MacBook Air)

I'm having a similar issue with the less-specific volume setup - Boot Camp volume label won't get changed despite %disk_label% files are being successfully created (where they are supposed to be ...

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