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Preventing macOS Big Sur from automatically swtiching to Bluetooth audio device output

I have this same problem with my Android (Pixel) phone and my Macbook Air running macOS 14.x. I discovered that Slack was stealing the audio: After closing Slack, the audio continued coming from my ...
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Is there a Mac equivalent to Windows' Phone Link for use with Android?

There is an open-source program that does this, to a degree. You install the app on your phone and also on your computer, manually pair them, select what features you want, and it should work more or ...
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Force Mac to shutdown if entering battery mode on UPS

How macOS will attempt to shut down the Mac when the UPS fails is not documented by Apple. The behaviour may also change between versions of macOS. Scheduled shut downs by macOS can be blocked by ...
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How to display the full command history in terminal?

If you want to configure your history command to display full command History and everything since the start then follow these steps (assuming you have zsh shell): Open your Terminal. Make an alias ...
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How to delete photo from Album and Library at the same time?

I was facing this same problem, very frustrated that there's no option to delete from Album and Library at the same time. Additionally, there's no option on mobile or browser to add tags to the ...
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Is there a way to have the Apple Mail font always look bigger?

Search for text size in System Preferences and select Text size (Display). There you have the option to increase the font only in the email application.
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Is there a macOS Big Sur dock icon mockup or generator to get custom rounded icons?

Check out the Image2Icon app, it solves the problem for me. Just drag and drop or copy and paste any file, folder, or app from Finder to the app's main window, choose the icon style, and then drag and ...
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What is this qemu-system-aarch64 process and why is it using almost 3 GB of RAM on my M1 Mac

It is generally a docker service. select that process in activity monitor and then press cmd+i to get more info
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