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Display the bluetooth headset and battery status icons in the iPhone status bar

Apple doesn't provide a way to modify the system status bar at the time of writing. A helpful workaround I've found useful is to display the battery status on the lock screen or home screen as a ...
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Can I use a LIR2032 battery instead of a CR2032 for my AirTag?

Yes, it works without issue. I too wondered if the AirTag could function with the increased voltage of the Li-Ion based LIR2032 so I just did it, with full knowledge the device may be destroyed. I ...
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Can I tell my Mac to charge to 80% only?

There are some new options for Macs with Apple Silicon. Apple refers to their system for battery charging as "Optimized Battery Charging"; the OP's question seems to be asking about "...
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Can MacBook Air (2020) be charged from airplane USB?

At least on Air Canada's 777's USB ports (no doubt found on other airliners, but will vary by airliner), I've measured the USB port to only output 0.44A at 5V, or 2.2watts. Takes a while just to ...
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