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How can I update just one built-in app at a time, if possible?

Apps are instructions to the OS. New apps may use new features of a new OS, which aren't available (or work differently) in the older OS. So it's unlikely that a newer version of Maps would work on an ...
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Suddenly, newly installed or updated apps won't launch

I figured out the problem. After a recent macOS update, I started getting an alert that a program, Videostream, would "damage my computer". After researching the error, I found that it was ...
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How to "Delete app"? It doesn't show the option

No, it's not possible It's not possible to do this because my iPad is centrally managed. The administrators prohibited the deletion of apps on my iPad.
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Applications all have same date modified, created and added

What you describe is as expected. Some explanation: The apps you mention (App Store, Contacts, Dictionary, messages, photos, stocks, system settings etc) are all included with macOS. For macOS 11, ...
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Is it possible for a trojan app to keep plaguing an iOS device after the app had been uninstalled?

When in doubt, format! Your safest course of action will always be to wipe the device and reset to factory. A third party app cannot write to the protected system volume. That said, iOS security is ...
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IOS 15.5.6 Any way to turn off vibration for certain apps?

Unfortunately you cannot select a sound without a vibration, neither for individual apps nor for all of them Year 2022 and Apple can't do this... I hate this phone!

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