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Does that mean if you join some program, such as Apple TV+, then you can watch it as included in the program? Nope. Apple TV+ is said to be included one year free if you buy some new Apple devices, so does that include the movies as listed on Apple TV? Apple TV+ is Apple's original programming service. The Apple TV+ subscription only lets you watch the ...


Usually (sometimes I do have to go deep into the menu’s) you should be able to swipe down from the top, using your Apple TV remote (works in most apps - not all), and then select your audio device by selecting the “Audio” tab, going down to “Speaker”, and selecting your Bluetooth device. Alternatively, you can hold the “play/pause” button on your remote ...


I was having the same issue. It started occurring when my external speaker tried automatically connecting to the device. Turning off bluetooth entirely solved the problem for me.


It is the new picture-in-picture feature of the Apple TV app in tvOS 13. Can't decide what to watch? Use picture-in-picture viewing to play two videos at once, or browse the Apple TV app while a video plays in the corner of your screen. Details: Play a movie or TV show in the Apple TV app. Tap the Touch ...


After I did upgrade to Catalina, I can use AirPlay button in the menu bar. The only requirement is that TV and MBP are on the same network. Picture quality on Macbook will be lower than on TV actually. Tested with MBP Late 2016 (10.15.3) and LG 43um7500pla (4K TV).

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