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I think there might be a turn off option in the settings app, depending on which os you are running. If that doesn’t work, try cutting the power. I know it sounds silly, but that’s what i do when i can’t find the option


Why? It's checking for the above-mentioned data. Standby does not mean 'off' on any device these days. Your smart TV & cable TV box will be doing just the same sort of thing - Updating TV schedules, checking for messages from various services, checking for OS updates, etc etc. Note: the entirety of 17.x.x.x belongs to Apple. You can really just allow the ...


I have an apple tv v3, and same issue. I managed to fix it by doing a factory reset. Insert a micro usb cable into your apple tv, and the power cord. Unhook the hdmi Connect the USB to your computer Open iTunes iTunes should give you an option to reset the device to factory settings. Once done, you can set it up again! Snagged from here


Assuming that you’re using parental controls on your child’s iPad, you can disable access to video content with the ratings of your choice. See here for Apple’s instructions on how to do so. The current instructions (which may change, so following the link is preferable) are: To restrict explicit content and content ratings: Go to Settings and tap Screen ...

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