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Troubleshooting often involves a process of elimination and can require a lot of patience. Unfortunately, when it comes to Wi-Fi connection issues there are actually a lot of variables at play, so the best place to start would be to test for whether this is a problem with your MacBook or something specific to the Wi-Fi network. (I know you say there is ...


You can actually get this old piece of technology to work fairly well with a few easy steps. Power off the Airport Extreme and any other router it is connected to for 20 seconds. Turn everything back on and wait for lights to stop flashing. On your iPhone go to Settings > Wi-Fi. Turn on the setting for Ask to Join Networks. This will make it so the phone ...


I love having two destinations and the best way to check is to force two backups, rotating between them each. You’ll know if the file system are clean, the metadata correct and be able to see the actual timing needed to back up to each. tmutil startbackup --rotation --block && tmutil startbackup --rotation --block You will get timing on the backup ...


In case any one with this problem stumbles across this question, the problem fixed itself after upgrading to iOS 12, so my guess is it was a bug in iOS 11.

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