Apple's bluetooth stereo headphones and remote control for iPhone and other devices


AirPods are the first stereo headphone accessory marketed as an Apple accessory to the iPhone line of hardware. Apple markets other Bluetooth headphones under the Beats brand name as well as the first mono. It features a simplified pairing protocol and uses Bluetooth. The headphones have multiple sensors to detect touch input as well as proximity sensors to detect when they are inserted into and removed from the outer ear canal. This makes music stop when they come out of your ear. When double tapped you can choose a custom command for example activate Siri.

The AirPods have batteries and they come with a charging case that can hold up to 24 hours of charge. The case charges with a Lightning connector. The headphones connect using Bluetooth. On some devices the W1 chip improves connectivity and enhances the experience with animations. For example when you connect it gives you an introduction animation.


The pairing requirements are:

  • iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 10 or later

  • Apple Watch running watchOS 3 or later

  • Mac running macOS Sierra or later


This tag is for questions about:

  • Connectivity

  • Double-tap functions

  • Settings

  • Charging/the charging case

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Web article

The official AirPods webpage can be viewed here:

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