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Email is short for electronic mail. There are tags for popular mail clients including the mail tag in case your question is related to a specific program and not email in general.

You can, but it's a bit of a hack. You can choose to use an different SMTP server to the normal one, as is the SMTP server for iCloud that rejects the use of an email address that doesn't match up …
answered Mar 23 '12 by stuffe
It's possible to have more than 1 email account associated with an Apple ID, without the 2nd address actually being one. So for example while my Apple ID is from a personal domain, say … , I also have an icloud email address that is associated with my Apple ID. If your wide used a mobile me account, maybe as part of a family pack, and you migrated it to icloud, it's possible that it has gained such a link in some way. …
answered Feb 3 '12 by stuffe
notifications, it merely receives them and displays them. It is possible that in due course some email app will be made available that supports push notifications, but at present none do, including …
answered Jul 30 '12 by stuffe
You say "computer" but don't specify what, I will assume that you mean you have a Mac also, in which case, on the assumption that you run Time Machine (please, everyone, make backups!) then offline co …
answered Dec 3 '13 by stuffe
Hard to say, you don't say what laptop you have, what OS, what email client etc. My hunch is that local junk mail filtering is moving or hiding email on your laptop. Login direct to the gmail website … as this will be the canonical source, and then find a missing email and search for it via keywords in its contents on your local mail client. …
answered Aug 24 '13 by stuffe
iCloud is just IMAP under the hood. It's not possible using the default configuration to use an email address that is now supplied by iCloud (whether using the old or the new, but … normal. Then amend the preferences and turn off Mail and Notes Then, in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars choose Add account > Other > `Add Mail Account Enter your Name, the email address you wish to …
answered Oct 19 '12 by stuffe
SMTP daemons or servers are there to receive mail, not send it. In your example, mail is purely an email client, and it connects to whatever server is defined by the appropriate DNS MX record of …
answered Jul 31 '13 by stuffe
The problem can be in 1 of 2 areas. Either there is a problem with the photograph, or it is a problem with your Mail setup. You can test both areas, try sending a different photo, see if it works. …
answered Apr 2 '12 by stuffe
Forwarding messages from the messages app only allows sharing by messages, as you have found out. I would question how useful this is anyway, as it strips out any useful meta information, including w …
answered Jan 8 '14 by stuffe
There is not a lot you can do once the document is already with you, other than resampling the entire PDF into a lower quality document to lower the size. This is possible, but I am unsure from your …
answered May 20 '14 by stuffe