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Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is the seventh major release of the Mac OS X

2 votes
1 answer

Switching between windows with cmd-tab [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Best app to switch between all open windows (Witch alternatives) In Microsoft Windows Alt+Tab combination switches between all windows from all applications. In Mac, Cmd …
-1 votes

How can I obtain older versions of Xcode?

Go to App Store, click Purcharsed, and check if you see 'Xcode for Snow Leopard' there. I have it there, but maybe it's because I've bought Xcode 4.0 when it was released and there was no Lion yet.
7 votes

Change's Default Shell to BASH

By using chsh from Terminal. It changes default shell for user. Alternatively you may setup Terminal to use /bin/bash -l ... this will cause BASH to behave as login shell, i.e. it will read .bash_prof …
120 votes
13 answers

How to get rid of firewall "accept incoming connections" dialog?

I've accepted this so many times that firewall should already remember it. Do you want the application "" to accept incoming network connections? Clicking Deny may limit the application's …
42 votes
7 answers

"say" in different language?

Are there voices in different languages installed in Mac OS X? E.g. spanish, french or slovak? (latest iPod Nano built-in voiceover has beautiful slovak voice, I'd like to try it on Mac OS X too)
5 votes

"say" in different language?

Lion has many more voices, including Czech (Zuzana) and Slovak voice (Laura)!