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A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, an encrypted connection from one computer (e.g. a home one) to another network (e.g. a work one). It can also be between two networks.

I know what a VPN is, and I've done a little reading about how to set up VPN on demand. However, I'm confused. Is VPN on demand essentially a certificate instead of a password prompt on each … connect? Do apps need to take care of this specifically, or does iOS handle it whenever it sees that an app wants VPN on demand? What is VPN on demand? …
asked Mar 21 '12 by Moshe
I've gotten an new iPad with 4G (yay!) and I've set up the VPN connection to connect to a VPN which I'd like to use to connect to my computer. However, I've noticed that my once VPN is on, my iPad … doesn't do much except show an indicator in the status bar. Is it possible for me to connect to my iMac which is behind a firewall via VPN? Do I need an app to see my screen, or is there something which supports it on iOS "out of the box"? …
asked Mar 18 '12 by Moshe
I don't see a reason not to set up a VPN. You can add the VPN menu to the status bar and your client can simply select their VPN and enter a password when prompted. It's no more difficult than say, a … TeamViewer connection setup. (In fact, VPN is arguably easier, since the system stores your username and merely prompts for a password. TeamVewer requires an ID and a password.) I just began using …
answered Mar 19 '12 by Moshe