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iPhone is Apple's smartphone line. All iPhones are shipped with iOS, Apple’s mobile Operating System. This tag can include questions about hardware, software and accessories.

Each Mail account on your iOS 4+ device is able to sync notes. When you have it enabled for multiple mail accounts you're able to have notes stored in different accounts. The Default Account setting w …
answered Sep 3 '10 by Chealion
more limited in audience (only iPhone 4's, iPad 2's and Macs) than normal video calling. You can think of it as video calling built right into the OS with software that doesn't require hoops (no log in required) to jump through to use it. …
answered Aug 8 '10 by Chealion
iMovie for iPhone 4 does not offer the ability to separate the audio from the video of a movie. It only allows one track of audio - either a background song or the audio from the clip you're using … . If you click and hold on a clip it brings up the Clip Settings view where you can turn off the audio for the clip. iMovie for iPhone 4 doesn't allow you to do anything programatically. If you're …
answered Sep 1 '10 by Chealion
After plugging in your iPhone, open "Image" in the Applications folder. In the bottom left of the window is an option to choose what to do when this "camera" is plugged in. Change this to Do Nothing or open iPhoto as you would prefer. …
answered Aug 19 '10 by Chealion
The iPhone and iPod touch only shoots one format: H.264 in a .mov container - at 1280x720 at 30 FPS. …
answered Oct 6 '10 by Chealion
Flash does not run on any version of the iPhone. You can try using a program like Air Video which will live transcode your DiVX files into a format the iPhone will play back using your computer. As … for playing it natively on your iPhone, VLC (Video Lan Client) is working on a native client but it's not available in the App Store yet. …
answered Sep 16 '10 by Chealion
Until Apple offers the ability to add some basic controls (eg. bold, etc.) on the iPhone/iPad (without the keyboard) it's not possible without copying and pasting from a previous message. You could …
answered Aug 20 '10 by Chealion
As far as I know, no you can't. Buying music from the iTunes Store is limited to the iTunes application. You can use a link which will pass the user to iTunes to look at that particular song but they …
answered Sep 16 '10 by Chealion
By syncing your contacts with your computer (you also get a backup of the data on your phone each time you sync sans music, photos and the actual applications themselves - just the data). iTunes will …
answered Sep 15 '10 by Chealion