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0 votes

Is it possible to connect an iPhone to a WiFi network that you've previously connected your ...

As far as iCloud keychain goes, it will save a lot of your passwords that you enter on websites (as well as usernames) but I don't believe it will do it for wifi passwords. Once you enter the passwor …
1 vote

Can iPhoto version 9.6 locate where photo was taken?

If you have taken the photos using an iPhone and location services was enabled for the camera app, then yes you should be able to see the location the photo was taken in iPhoto (as well as the new Pho …
1 vote

iPhone open YouTube video in YouTube App

It would appear to be dependent on how the website has embedded the video. In the example you give there is the option to tap the youtube icon in the bottom right which launches the youtube app. Some …
1 vote

Apple ID review information

Have you tried logging on to the iTunes store on your computer rather than an iOS device? That will usually allow the account to settle and allow you to start purchasing apps.
2 votes

MobileBackups is using too much space

Mobile backups are a part of Time Machine called "snapshots" basically it lets you restore to one of the most recent backups without the need for you time machine disk. I believe OSX will automatica …
1 vote

Stop syncing Safari History through iCloud between 1 or more computers or iOS devices

Yes. Links, browsing history, open tabs. Everything should stop syncing on the device you uncheck Safari on.
2 votes

Mid-2015 Macbook Pro Dented on Arrival

If the laptop is brand new then it should be covered under warranty by Apple for at least 12 months. I would definitely recommend getting in touch with them. You can lookup whether you're covered by w …
1 vote

Can't install Windows 7 on Macbook Pro

Steve Chambers is right. As Windows release new versions boot camp is updated to support them and more often than not they drop support for the previous version of Windows. You could either instal …
1 vote

Does deleting a photo from iCloud on PC affect its copy on iPhone storage?

If the only copy on the phone is in Photo Stream or iCloud Photo Library then yes, if you delete it somewhere, it will be removed everywhere you are signed in to iCloud. If you haven't subscribed to …
3 votes

iPhone 6 screen burn

If you have an Apple Store close to you definitely go in and/or book an appointment with a Genius. They will be able to take a look at it and advise you what has caused it. If it is hardware failure a …
3 votes

How to Command-X files on OS X El Capitan?

Just copy the file as normal with command+c and then when you past use command+option+v and it will paste the file, and also cut it from its original location
1 vote

Stuck on apple logo

Factory reset, restore, re-jailbreak, don't download the offending tweak
1 vote

Disable carrier "features" on IOS 7

Yes like previous comments suggest all carrier settings are generally toggled on or off from the carriers systems and not locally in iOS. Try searching Cydia for something specific for your carrier, h …
1 vote

iPhone dropped not responding to touch

It is likely that only the screen itself if broken. If it turns on and lights up then the internals (logic board, battery, memory) would most likely all be working fine. You can get the screen replac …
0 votes

Jailbroken iPhone stuck on Apple Logo after installing tweak

Factory reset, restore, re-jail break (if you must), don't download the offending tweak again

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