I run linux and use virtualbox to cross browser test my website. I have Windows10 and Windows7 within virtual box which allows me to test the site with IE and Edge browsers.

I have never used Apple/Mac OS so I am very much in uncharted territory here. I need to test the site on Safari but after searching online, it appears as though it isn't possible to download a MacOS ISO to install in virtualbox: [link][1] (I do not have access to an apple computer)

I tried installing Safari on a windows VM but it is a really old version since Safari is not supported on Windows. Also, from what I can tell there are no Linux versions of Safari.

Is there a way to test the site using Safari somehow without owning a Mac?

  [1]: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/128319/official-way-to-obtain-an-os-x-iso-file