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Voice Memos on the iPad

iPhones have a dedicated Voice Memos app. iPads don't, despite running the same OS and also featuring a built-in microphone.

Three questions:

(1) Short of jailbreaking the iPad, is there any way to get the Voice Memos app onto the iPad? (or an alternative way of making simple recordings)

(2) Since the answer to 1 is probably "no", what current alternatives do people use? (ideally free simple app that works the same way like Voice Memos on the iPhone)

(3) Why on earth? (what's Apple's logic behind this?) (*)

(*) As per the comment below, please, if you're able to contribute to 3, be specific, I don't aim at getting people's personal opinions about whether the decision to not include Voice Memos on the iPad is good or bad. I only hope to undestand what a possible reason might have been.