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Questions tagged [wireshark]

Wireshark is a network packet analyzer app

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How to know if a service is correctly loaded?

While inspecting why rvictl -s <phoneUDID> command on a Macbook (Intel) running Big Sur, is failing to start/create a virtual interface for the connected iPhone, when issuing the command: sudo ...
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Little Snitch shows ping flood to

My Little Snitch Network Monitor tells me my machine is ping'ing every second. What's going on? EDIT: A Wireshark capture tells me this ping has Source Destination
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Sort out Apple hosts

I have a question about Apple network traffic. In my network program I can see these three domains (GET) ...
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Is there an SSLKEYLOGFILE equivalent for Safari to capture TLS session keys for debugging?

I'm trying to debug a Safari specific issue, but I can't see the data being passed in the TLS stream from a packet capture because I need the ephemeral keys to decrypt the session. In Chrome or ...
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macOS 10.13.6 running WireShark 3.6.21 sudden crashes

WireShark 3.6.21 runs without a problem on Macbook using macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra. It suddenly crashes, but relaunching WireShark causes it to run again without a problem until again a sudden crash. ...
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