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Wireshark is a network packet analyzer app

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How can I determine which IOS application on my iPhone is scanning my local network?

My router (Unifi UDM-SE) has a honeypot configured which is capturing a scan from the iPhone about twice per day. I would like to figure out which App is doing this. I have followed the instructions ...
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Is there an SSLKEYLOGFILE equivalent for Safari to capture TLS session keys for debugging?

I'm trying to debug a Safari specific issue, but I can't see the data being passed in the TLS stream from a packet capture because I need the ephemeral keys to decrypt the session. In Chrome or ...
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macOS 10.13.6 running WireShark 3.6.21 sudden crashes

WireShark 3.6.21 runs without a problem on Macbook using macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra. It suddenly crashes, but relaunching WireShark causes it to run again without a problem until again a sudden crash. ...
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How to know if a service is correctly loaded?

While inspecting why rvictl -s <phoneUDID> command on a Macbook (Intel) running Big Sur, is failing to start/create a virtual interface for the connected iPhone, when issuing the command: sudo ...
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How to deal with IPv6 in Wireshark?

When I look up google, I get an IPv6 address and not an IPv4 address This is giving me issues in Wireshark with the source since I can’t manage to map the different addresses for the same name. Can ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Packet sniffer for MacOS Mojave and above

I'm looking for a packet sniffer app that runs on MacOS in a GUI (I know I can accomplish some functionality with native CLI utilities like tcpdump). Previously I used Packet Peeper, however it doesn'...
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Why am I able to open Wireshark and capture packets in macOS without root privileges?

As far as I know, capturing packets using Wireshark requires root/administrator privileges. In Windows, it prompts for UAC elevation and runs with administrative privileges. The same thing in Ubuntu; ...
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MacOS Mojave causing permission errors [closed]

Issue: MacOS permissions falsely configured. Recently I had some networking issues on my mac running High Sierra, so I backed up my disk, completely wiped my mac, installed Mojave and then moved ...
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How does WireShark work on OS X? What processes does it interact with?

I'm looking for deep/detailed research into how the MacOS TCP stack works. Namely, what are the files/Dynamic Libraries that offer this service? What Libraries does WireShark interact with? My goal ...
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Cannot install rvictl to capture network

I'm trying to route my iphone traffic through my mac to view it with wireshark. However rvictl is not on my machine. I have: MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) El Capitan 10.11.6 XCode 7.3.1 ...
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wlan0 on a Mac?

I am trying to use my Mac (I have a 2010 MacBook Pro) with ettercap, sniffing and MitM software, but I do not have a wlan0 card. All of the tutorials and recommendations I see for these "hacks" ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Little Snitch shows ping flood to

My Little Snitch Network Monitor tells me my machine is ping'ing every second. What's going on? EDIT: A Wireshark capture tells me this ping has Source Destination
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Wireshark pane couldn't display

I installed Wireshark Version 2.0.0 on OSX 10.11 with XQuartz 2.7.8 But it doesn't display any pane, I don't know what happened... Any suggestions?
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Sort out Apple hosts

I have a question about Apple network traffic. In my network program I can see these three domains (GET) ...
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Wireshark keyboard layout is incorrect

I just installed Wireshark Version 1.12.0 (v1.12.0-0-g4fab41a from master-1.12) on OSX 10.9.4 with XQuartz 2.7.7. Wireshark is doing something zany with my keyboard layout, but other X11 ...
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43 votes
5 answers

what is access_bpf group?

Does anyone know what the "access_bpf" group is / does. I noticed it when I went into Preferences > Users & Groups. I've searched around and found that it has something to do with Wireshark, ...
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What does it mean when I get a server failure when connecting to a router with DNS protocol

I'm currently attempting to debug a Super Duper startup problem where it takes between 10-15 seconds to start up on my machine when wireless/internet is turned on. I have communicated with Dave from ...
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How to get private key on IOS used for SSL traffic?

I need to debug/view an IOS app's encrypted traffic, so i had captured SSL encrypted TCP packets via pirni. and trying to decrypt them via Wireshark. but i need session key for that. is there any way ...
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Does installing Wireshark via homebrew provide a graphical interface?

I installed wireshark using homebrew with the command brew install wireshark. Everything seems to install fine and I can use dumpcap to capture packets but now I want to view them. Using a text editor ...
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2 answers

What WiFi adapter can I use to monitor a WiFi network on OS X from a MBP?

I have MBP from early 2011 and Wireshark 1.8rc2 does not recognize it (under Lion). What adaptors are compatible with it? Alternatively, specify if there is a another software that I can use to ...
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Using a virtual machine as a network tap on a mac server

hoping for the virtual machine to be a 'network tap'. configuration is an intel mac with an airport card and several usb nics. The airport card is for connectivity to the internet. the usb nics ...
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1 vote
3 answers

How can I printscreen in X11 Environment?

I use Wireshark and it runs under X11 environment I want take some screenshot from wireshark windows but cmd + shift + 3 or cmd + shift + 4 or ... didn't work there is there any way that I could ...
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How can I use Wireshark on a MacBook Air?

I have a new MacBook Air. I would like to run Wireshark on it. But when I choose capture in Wireshark there is no interfaces to capture from. Doesn't Wireshark have support for the MacBook Air WiFi ...
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Does a Wireshark implementation exist for iPhone 4?

Does a Wireshark implementation exist for iPhone 4? I recently felt a need to have some tools with me at all times.
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