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For some sites, safari 16.6 web inspector can't modify CSS

I was looking into making my banks website more ergonomic for myself and wanted to use developer tools - inspector to test some CSS modifications. But the inspector won't let me modify anything in CSS ...
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Safari Inspect Element: Is there a way to collapse the cascade to a combined result?

I'm using the Inspect Element feature in Safari. Long ago, I used Firefox because it was the first that I knew off to come out with Firebug. One of the features it had is when it displayed the style ...
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Enabeling "Hide IP address"

Safari 15.5 has an option in Preferences/Privacy to "Hide IP address". When turned on, this has led to some web-sites not loading at all or only loading partially. is an ...
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Safari web inspector cannot be docked

The web inspector somehow got detached from the main window. Apparently this is a significant problem because I see lots of articles about how to get it docked. Usually they refer to going out of full ...
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Remote inspection for iOS Books

I can inspect an ePub book in Books on Mac using Safari’s web inspector. I can also inspect a web page in iOS Safari when the phone is plugged in to my mac using desktop Safari’s web inspector. What I ...
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When connected to iPad, the Web Inspector on my Mac is empty

I am struggling to use the Web Inspector on my Mac to inspect the webpage on my iPad. This is how I am trying to connect my Mac to my iPad: I have turned on web inspector on my iPad. I have checked ...
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Safari web inspector breaks media queries

Using Safari Version 11.1, whenever I open the web inspector on a web page, all media queries in the CSS stop working. If I close the inspector, the problem goes away. This happens on any site. Are ...
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Increment CSS property values in Safari web inspector with keyboard arrows

In Safari's web inspector tools, when modifying a CSS property of an element, is there a way to increment with the keyboard's up and down arrows like in Chrome?
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Safari Web Inspector stops logging network activity

I'm using Safari 10.0.1 on Sierra 10.12.1. At some point, usually after ~5 minutes or about 100 requests, the web inspector stops logging network requests under the Network tab. Same thing happens ...
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How to test and debug website on older version of Safari

We're trying to test and debug Safari 7. I've used the Safari dev tools to connect to a physical device and use the inspector to view the page. That works fine, but I don't have access to a physical ...
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Not getting to Web Inspector in Safari 9

[OS X 10.11, Safari 9.1] When I enable the developer tools and select Show Web Inspector from the Develop menu I don't see anything at all like the Web Inspectors shown in Apple documentation and ...
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How to disable pretty-print in Safari inspector?

Pretty-print is always on by default. How do I make it be off by default?
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Safari still caching even with "Disable Caches" enabled

I'm debugging JavaScript on my iPhone and I can't get Safari to stop caching the JavaScript files. I have "Disable Caches" enabled under the develop menu, and have cleared the cache numerous times ...
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Why does =$0 appear in Safari web inspector?

I've been wondering about this for a while. Why does =$0 appears next to elements in the web inspector in Safari? I am using Safari 9.0.1 Here is a picture of what I'm talking about (larger): Or ...
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Is there a web inspector available on iOS?

To be abundantly clear, I'm looking for a web inspector (like Chrome's) that I can use on an iOS device like an iPad to debug web pages without a computer. I'm aware that you can connect your phone ...
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Where does Safari Web Inspector store images?

I am currently running OS X El Capitan, Public Beta 3 and trying to download images within the Safari Web Inspector. What I did: Opened a website in Safari. Opened the Web Inspector. Selected one of ...
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Safari - how to see web developer tools like DOM inspector?

In on Yosemite using Safari. How can I "inspect element" I've looked through all the preferences and don't see any way to turn on developer tools so I can do inspect element (if that is even ...
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Web Inspector quickly inspect element

How do I quickly inspect an element using Safari's Web Inspector, preferably by keyboard shortcut? Expected functionality In Chrome, command+shift+c enables the function and the mouse then selects ...
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Why are the network resources empty in Safari timelines, even if resources are there?

Every single page I go to, the Timelines->NetworkRequests tab shows lots of requests and their timing (top half of the pane), but the bottom half is empty, making it impossible for me to see what ...
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Is there a Developer and Inspect feature in

Is there a Developer and Inspect feature in Within, I have a developer menu which includes an Inspect item which allows me to investigate issues with HTML in the browser. Does ...
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Safari 7 Developer Tools Bug?

Ran into some peculiar behavior in the midst of my developing antics. I have my developer tools set to appear in a separate window - I noticed if I right-click and inspect an element, close the ...
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Is it possible to dock a detached Web Inspector in Safari 8? [closed]

I'm running OS X Yosemite. I detached the web inspector and cannot find a way to dock it again. The usual dock/detach button isn't there, and I couldn't find any help elsewhere on the internet. Does ...
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31 votes
3 answers

Inspect Element in Safari?

I've tried Firebug Lite for Safari, but content wasn't editable. Is there an alternative to edit HTML, CSS, etc?
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1 answer

Set Safari 7 dv tools console to clear on reload?

I use Safari 7.03 for web development. One thing I noticed is that the console log doesn't re-set on a reload of the page. You need to clear it manually. So if you run a page with a JS error, it ...
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Web Inspector crashes on Safari 7

On a particular internal site, whenever I open the Web Inspector in Safari 7, it immediately hangs and then the whole tab crashes. When I close the crashed tab, I then get this message in the Console: ...
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How to view Silverlight traffic in Safari Web Developer?

I'm running a Silverlight application in my browser. The app communicates to a web server over HTTPS. I want to see the communication between the app and the webserver. Now when I open Web Developer I ...
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