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Weather is a preinstalled mobile app on iDevice. Use this tag if your question is specifically about the Apple built-in app.

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Is there a setting where I can change my Mac background to night mode after sunset? [duplicate]

I want to customize my Mac screen to change its' appearance after sunset. I was wondering if I was able to connect the sunset time on weather to my screen so if I have a skyline of a city, for example,...
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Two watches/iPhones disagree on weather

My wife and I each have an iPhone with an Apple watch paired to it.  We’re sitting three meters from each other on the same cell carrier and the same WiFi.  Both watches say (correctly) that we’re in ...
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Where are the H and L from in the weather app?

The weather app is currently listing temps as follows: current 10, H 25, L 5. Great - it was indeed 25 this afternoon and is currently 10. But when you scroll through the horizontal hourly temps for ...
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Get Weather Reports from the Command Line

Just for my curiosity and knowledge, do you know if it is possible by using the Terminal Command Line to check my current weather conditions only by using the native Apple Framework? I am aware of ...
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Can the iOS 15 weather app change to have the old compact look(GUI)?

In iOS 15 the Weather app has a GUI redesign, which among other things makes the page much longer than in the old version. This mean more scrolling is needed to reach certain information. Can it be ...
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What is the source of air pollution data in the Weather app?

I'm in Mexico, and today I looked at my phone and saw this: It's the Weather app that came with iOS 13. Is there any way to find out what the specific pollutant is? If there is no way within the app, ...
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How to show weather forecast in European format in iOS?

Currently the iOS built-in Weather app shows temperature forecast in the American format (mixed this day/next day). Is it possible to set it to the European format (forecast grouped by days)? ...
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Weather without location services, using just one fixed location

I would like to see the current temperature on the first page (under Siri app suggestion) on iPad mini 2. But I don't like location services being on. Is it possible just to set up one fixed location ...
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iPhone weather app - when does each "day" begin/end for high/low temperature?

I know the two temperatures for each day on the weather app indicate the high and low. My question is, what time does each "day" begin/end? At midnight or some other time? The highs and lows often don'...
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What does the 2 temperatures mean in the Weather app?

In the Weather app, there are 2 temperatures for each day. What does these mean?
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What does the cloud icon with lines underneath mean?

In the iOS Weather app what does the cloud icon with two horizontal lines beneath mean?
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Changing wind speed in weather app to kmph

Is there any way I can change the wind speed from miles per hour to kilometers per hour?
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iOS weather widget that displays two locations

Is there an iOS weather widget (for the lock screen) that displays the forecast for two locations at the same time? I'd like to be able to see the weather at home and at my work or other destination ...
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Apple watch always displays the wrong high temperature

I'm having trouble understanding the Apple watch high and low temperature values. They are never correct. In Nyc, the high is going to be 81 today. However when I looked this morning it said 72 ...
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