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Where's "More Info" gone?

Recently I moved from 10.13 to 10.14 on an older Mac system. Previously, tapping on an audio file and keying "command + i" would tell me some audio info, such as stereo, channels, bit depth; ...
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Is there a way to get the received and transmitted wifi waveform from an iPhone?

I want to get the wifi waveform for a project involving signal processing, I was wondering if one of you heard of a way to get such an access ?
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What application can open the .waveform file that the Voice Memos app creates?

I plugged an iPhone into my Ubuntu desktop and browsed the available files. In the Recordings directory I could see my voice memos, including a .waveform file, which I understand contains the visual ...
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Any way to see waveform when using Quick Look on an audio file?

Are there any plugins that will allow me to see a waveform when using Quick Look on an audio file? (I'm using Yosemite.)
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Is there an audio player with waveform seekbar?

I'm looking for a player with seekbar that displays the waveform of the playing song, like + Specifically, a seekBar is an ...
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Lightweight Audio Waveform Viewer

I'm doing a large amount of music library updating and de-duplicating and evaluating, and I would like a piece of software that would allow me to quickly be able to view a waveform of a selected audio ...
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