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The Volume Purchase Program allows businesses and educational institutions to purchase your iOS apps and Mac apps in volume and distribute them within their organizations.

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This Apple ID cannot be used to make purchases

I just wiped my iPad using Apple Configurator 2, and linked it to my MDM which is ManageEngine. I am enrolled in ABM and have purchases enough licences of the app I want to install. I can see the apps ...
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Can I purchase an App from the Mac App Store for multiple users?

How do I make a bulk purchase of an app on the Mac App Store? I know there are 2 options for bulk purchasing: Apple Business Manager Account and Apple School Manager Account but what if I do not have ...
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Is there any kind of authoritative guide to Apple's Volume Purchase Program, Device Enrollment Program, and Mobile Device Management?

I'm fairly new to the whole world of Apple and macOS. As I'm currently writing my thesis about the possible enrollment of macOS devices via Device Enrollment Program (DEP) (in connecting with some ...
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Apple VPP apps asking for user's password when updating applications

I've got an issue with a pilot deployment of iPhones with VPP device licences assigned. These are iPhone 11s, running iOS 13.3, managed via a MDM solution that pushes VPP device licences to DEP ...
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Generate redemption code programatically - Apple Volume Purchase Plan

I have an enterprise application which will be distributed using Volume Purchase Plan. I've read the documentation and understand the method of generating and downloading the codes in a spreadsheet ...
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Apple has rejected the app and suggests two options : Volume purchase program and Enterprise program

I have develop the app for a client who has its own company, the employee within the company or any external user can use this application. But first user need to register himself to use this app. ...
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Deployment of free enterprise apps in VPP [closed]

I've read a lot about the B2B iOS apps distribution, VPP program, however I'd like to be able to verify my knowledge and hope you could help. Let's suppose a company A develops an iOS application, ...
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Profile Manager not sending email invitations

After installing a new copy of OSX Server I started the Profile Manager and wanted to add some users and enroll them for the VPP Managed Distribution (I am already registered for VPP). In the VPP ...
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The work E-mail address you entered is already associated with a different Apple ID. Please, try a different Work E-mail

I can't open a VPP account. No matter what details I put in, I get the same message: The work E-mail address you entered is ...
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Can't add a new ID to Volume Purchase Program Customers

I have an app that I sell using Apple B2B / VPP. When logging into iTunes connect to add a new Apple ID (for a new customer) I am finding that clicking "Add Apple Id" is doing nothing (e.g. the page ...
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Remove licenses from deleted user on OS X Server's VPP managed distribution

We buy apps using Volume Purchase Program with managed distribution through OS X Server's profile manager. One of employees left, so I removed his user account from OS X Server. However, the licenses ...
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Re download app with redeemed code

I have a set of redeem codes associated to a VPP purchase. I went ot my phone itunes and entered the first code. The app download started automatically. Unfortunately, due to a network problem, the ...
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VPP app for business worldwide distribution

After a long submission process Apple suggested to deliver an app via VPP for business. The app is marked as "distributable worldwide", but apparently the redeem codes are enabled only for one country....
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Can I use Cisco Meraki, or similar, to deploy Mac App Store Apps?

Cisco Meraki is fantastic, it blows the features of Apple's Profile Manager out of the water. One thing I would very much like to be able to do however is to push Volume Purchased Mac Apps to all our ...
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Free for a day Apps - legal for use in Apple Configurator?

Today, several paid apps we have our eyes on to purchase for use on our classroom iPads through the VPP program are available free for the day, so I downloaded them and installed them in Apple ...
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Does apple have a volume purchasing program (vpp) that includes Macs?

I have about 25 Mac users that I admin for and I can't seem to find a volume licensing/purchasing program for Macs. Does one exist? For example, Apple has removed iWork physical boxes from just ...
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Has anyone tricked the Apple Configurator to work with non VPP redemption codes? [closed]

I wonder if anyone has had success or failure in attempting to use the Apple Configurator with normal gifted app redemption codes. The FAQ clearly states that you must be in the Volume Purchase ...
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