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Can I use media Home Sharing with visionOS?

Using Home Sharing I can browse my home movies on iOS and iPadOS in the TV app via Library, and on tvOS on the built-in Computers app. But in visionOS I cannot find an equivalent. What's the "...
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How do you delete the Mindfulness app on Vision Pro?

How do you delete the Mindfulness app on Vision Pro?
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How much disk space is needed to let Xcode install the new iOS / visionPro simulators?

Got this error, though I have some more space 229 GB / 245 GB RegCannot copy the image because the disk is almost full Domain: Code: 14
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What’s the equivalent of turning the Digital Crown on the Apple vision pro headset simulator?

In the demos of Apple Vision Pro, they show that you can manually switch between VR and pass-through-video-AR by rotating a Digital Crown on the headset. The simulator has a simulated series of ...
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