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Is Universal Control flaky for you between Intel Mac and M1 mac?

Computer A: intel imac, 2020, monterery 12.4 Computer B: m1, macbook pro, 2020, monterey 12.4 Computer C: ipad pro, 2017 I have universal control set up between these 3 machines. The Universal Control ...
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Script to add iPad as a linked keyboard/mouse?

I have 2 macbook pros in clamshell that I swap between using a KVM switch. I have to manually re-add my iPad as a linked keyboard/mouse every time I swap macs. Note that I can't enable "Push ...
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Universal Control Stopped Working (12.4)

I upgraded to 12.4, I had been using Universal Control between two MacBook Pros (Intel ones that are still new enough to support Universal Control) and it had been working great. But after upgrading ...
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How to remap keys when using Universal Control between two macs

Keyboard connected directly (Bluetooth) When using an external keyboard on my 16" 2019 MBP or 13" M1 MBP (both running macOS Monterey 12.3.1 build 21E258), connected directly with Bluetooth ...
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