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Why is a macOS app whose executable is a shell script launching as x86_64 on an arm64 mac?

I have a macOS application whose executable is a shell script. That is, the file in its Contents/MacOS subdirectory whose name is specified in its CFBundleExecutable property is an executable shell ...
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Remove x86 code from universal app

I'm using macOS 12 on an M1 MBP. There are certain apps that are mostly code and not resource, very large in size, and not needed in Rosetta. Therefore, I wrote a script to remove x86 components from ...
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Activity Monitor does not have the "Kind" column

Activity Monitor doesn't show the "Kind" column, and does not give me the option to enable it. It's not in the list of columns I can enable. My friend's M1 Mac has the Kind column in the ...
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Thin universal application recursively

I'm running on a 2017 macbook pro so I don't need arm64 architecture. I can thin the application manually by going to each executable and library and use lipo to extract the x86_64 architecture, but ...
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Get a list of application binary types - Intel or Universal

I just upgraded to an M1 Mac mini and did a full migration (including applications) from a previous Intel Mac mini Time Machine backup. Now I want to see what Apps I have on the new machine that are ...
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Saving space by thinning universal intel/arm binaries

I have no ARM CPUs on any of my laptops or desktops. If ever I get a computer new enough, it will already have all the binaries it needs or will get them from updates. So there is no justification ...
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How to tell if dmg file contains universal binaries, i.e. if it has been compiled for arm64 hardware

Can you tell from a .dmg file if it contains arm64 binaries? I've got a Mac mini M1 running Big Sur. I don't want to run apps under Intel, only arm64. I don't even have Rosetta installed, and want to ...
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can’t link C++ code to .dylib in Xcode 12.2 (release build only)

I recently upgraded from Xcode 12.1 to 12.2, on macOS Catalina 10.15.7. My C++ project (which uses OpenCV) compiled without problem with Xcode 12.1. After the upgrade I get a lot of these: ld: warning:...
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Manually Run Rosetta 2 on x86 Binary

I wrote a very simple C program and my goal is to build an x86-only binary and then run that binary on an Apple Silicon Mac and have Rosetta 2 translate it into a Universal 2 binary. I want to look at ...
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Terminal vs Shell vs Processes on ARM (Apple Silicon)

How does Big Sur and ARM (Apple) silicon handle the following permutations? Say I run Terminal as x86_64 using Rosetta2, then does that mean I must use a x86_64 shell? If indeed I use an x86_64 shell, ...
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Why does `arch` output `i386`?

When I run $ arch on my 10.9 2012 MacBook Pro, I get the output i386 The manpage for arch says that the arch command is 2-way universal, 32-bit only However, $ file "$(which arch)" gives /usr/bin/...
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Can my iPad open iPhone apps using the iPhone 5 form factor?

At the moment, my iPhone apps(for example: Yahoo Weather) on my iPad 3 Retina running iOS 7.0(11A465) are displayed using the 3.5" iPhone screen in the iPad, is it possible for me to change it to ...
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Changing the type of an App to Universal App later in App Store?

Can I change the type of an submitted App in the App Store later? Initially I want to submit an iPhone only App, but later there might be an Universal App as well to support the iPad. Can this be ...
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Lion: Switching an Application's launch preference off of Rosetta (PPC)

I have a case where a machine was upgraded to Lion. Prior to Lion the user was running Photoshop CS4 (a Universal Binary) under Rosetta which required hitting a checkbox in the application's "Get Info"...
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Is there any free solution to remove unneeded architectures from Universal ppc/intel binaries?

I am aware about an application that is able to remove unneeded architectures from Universal binaries - XSlimmer. Still, I am looking for a free solution for this because I am not willing to pay for ...
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