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Questions tagged [udid]

An acronym for Unique Device Identifier - on iOS devices, the UDID is a hexadecimal string 40 characters long and not generally known by end users.

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iOS: Distribute beta apps without UDID

My team is developing an iOS app, which is still on the Beta phase. When we show the app to potential partners, we use testflight to share the app with them. Alas, testflight requires the user's ...
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Are UDID registrations real

There are services like where you can register you UDID and get Certificates and Provision profiles. Are they worth? What danger is there? Signing applications is real? ...
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identifying devices using find my phone app

I will try to be specific. - I did receive this e mail: Dear XXXXX, Your Apple ID (XXXXXXX) was used to sign in to the Find My iPhone app on a new device. Date and Time: October 6, 2014, 3:...
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I have been asked for my UDID, is there any personal information that will be given away should some have this number?

I have been asked my my UDID to beta test apps, is there personal information attached to this number? Such as passwords or account information? Details about the device, I am running ios7.1 on an ...
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How do I get my (lost) device's serial number from its UDID?

I lost an iPad, and I need the serial number - all I have of it is the UDID. The device is not registered, I don't have the box, and I don't have backups of it either. I suppose that calling Apple ...
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What's the 'unique device identifier' (UDID) of a non-iOS device like a Macbook Pro running Mac OS X?

I wanted to know if the Hardware Serial Number associated with a Macbook Pro is itself treated as a UDID, or is there something else that uniquely identifies the device? I'll provide a little bit of ...
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What potential dangers arise from a mass iOS UDID leak?

Can anyone enlighten us with what a hacker could use one (or a list of) UDID for? The leak reported September 4 of 1 million UDID's by AntiSec makes me worry. But should I? What is the worst case ...
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